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Little Time for Gym

Im 18 years old, I got a lot of stuff going on with school, collage, my volleyball career and so on. I was forced to cut my gym attendence to 2 days a week or max. 3 days. I am currently bulking and will bulk for 3 more months, so I need some workout plan/routine that maximally uses those 2 days of the week. 2 day plan would be great but if you belive 2 days is too little, 3 days is max I can afford at this very moment.

Thank you in advance.

give this a go…

I would keep your calorie surplus fairly low if your only training 2-3 days per week.

Little more info would be nice… You mentioned Volleyball career? Is what you are planning on doing in the gym benefit it ?

@bulldog9899 no, gym is purely for aesthetics and overall some strength gain, I know its hard to shoot for aesthetics with 2 days a week so I would focus rather on strength in this busy time.

I would do Brian Alsruhe stuff but lay it out a bit differently:

Week 1, Day 1:

  • squat giant set
  • deadlift supplementary giant set
  • deadlift assistance giant set

Week 1, Day 2:

  • bench giant set
  • press supplementary giant set
  • press assistance giant set.

Week 2, Day 1:

  • deadlift giant set
  • squat supplementary giant set
  • squat assistance giant set

Week 2, Day 2:

  • press giant set
  • bench supplementary giant set
  • bench assistance giant set.

Have a look on youtube for his strength or lineat progression or powerbuilding program - remember to like the videos :smile:

while you’ll not look like an IFBB pro, presumably all the volleyball you play will keep your body fat low, so a couple of days adding muscle in the gym will make you look great.

You might not be hyooge, but you’ll look in shape.

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How much volleyball practice do you currently do each week? I’m guessing you’re currently offseason? How long until the season starts?

For context, what are your current best numbers in the main lifts?

There are plenty of programs to build strength training twice a week. Dan John and Jim Wendler have written some.

How much bodyweight have you gained in the last 4 weeks?

@Chris_Colucci I’m not offseason, season ends in 4 weeks, I have practice every day(mon,tue,wed,thu,fri), but on weekend is game day, and next season will start in semptember.

Deadlift 130kg(286lbs), bench 105kg(231lbs), squat 135kg(297lbs)

5kg(11lbs) I’m currently 93kg(205lbs) and 194cm(6’4)

Bench 1-3 sets 3 to 8 reps
Squat 1-3 sets 3 to 8 reps
Deadlift 1-3 sets 3 to 8 reps
Pullups 100 total reps

Do that twice a week. Go by feel and work different rep schemes. Add weight as you can. If you want, do a light variation every now and again. Do some light kettle bell work or take a walk a couple times a week for some extra conditioning.