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Little Surreal

my father passed away last September almost tp the day myom did three years earlier, mom on the 9th dad on the 8th. however if you where to google my address and go to maps and street view a picture of my dad sitting on the porch with his dog Rosie who had passed away from old age the April before my dad died. there he is probably smoking his weed, you know for the “glaucoma”


That’s like when I found my girlfriend on google street view waiting for the bus. I made a thread about it. Lemme find it…

For the record, I am sorry for your loss. To lose someone close to you is a great trial indeed and I hope you have many fond memories to cherish and recall. Remember they truly never leave your side and a part of them resides and shines through you. You are their legacy.

Sorry for your loss. That’s pretty crazy dude…