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Little Prick


Sorry folks but I need to rant real quick.

Nobody seems to understand why I was "not happy" about this. This little prick maybe about 140lbs soaking wet with lead in his pockets and holding his piss for a week comes to me while I'm doing overhead extentions with a 110lbs db and supersetting with heavy preachercurls, and tells me "your working your arms all wrong" I looked at the strings this prick calls arms and the "conversation" goes like this.

me: "how long you been workingout?"

prick: "about a month"

Me: "looks like it, go eat a sandwich and leave me alone. my shoes weigh more than you"

prick: "I just thought i'd tell you how to get your arms bigger"

Me: "turn your arm, flex your tri, see that little shadow" I then turn my arm "see this muscle that looks like a horseshoe. when you have that then you can talk to me."

I went back to my lifting then, don't get me wrong I've helped lots of people in the gym and will answer any questions these people have, but if my arm is bigger than their waist I don't want their advice on how to tweek my workout.
Well just had to get that out and hope some people understand where I'm coming from.


That reminds me of a complete wanker in the gym quite a few years back. He told me that I was doing pulldowns all wrong. He was one of those skinny guys who looked like he was made out of pipe cleaners. He said that I should do the pulldowns in a different way so that it would better affect my shoulders.
I told him that I was doing them for my back. Then he said that was really dumb because people don't have muscles in their backs.

A true story.

Actually from the way he looked he probably didn't have any muscles in his back.


Now that is funny. I would have told him to show me with the weight you were using. Worth a couple laughs


There are people on this board like that. Look at how many posts are made about how "wrong" Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler are lifting.


GEEKS!!! they're everywhere. Why is it that the people who give advice in gyms are the ones who shouldn't be giving advice?

From an EGO standpoint I always listen to them for 30 seconds then I have them show me an exercise and then make them work up to a 1 rep max, then I will do their max for an easy set of 15 reps while talking to them, they always get the point and then ask me for advice.

A great site is www.elitefts.com then go to "sick of your gym" and you will see many posts like this.

I once had a personal trainer show me how to squat correctly, I had 455 on the bar and talked him into "just use the weight on the bar", in a safety rack he came crashing down and was buried into China, I know that it isnt RIGHT, but it has given me a good laugh ever time I think about it for the last 7 years.

Im glad that there are GEEKS, they make me look good standing next to.


There are alot of stupid fucks in the gym, the type that like to cover up their own insecurity by giving bad advice to people who actually do know what they are doing. In 12 years in the gym, Ive seen them all.


I worked out for the first time in 6 months so I look a little small. I weigh 170 and I wouldn't trade my knowledge for anyones at my gym. Guy who was pushing a ripped 220 told me that I was stupid for buying Grow! and I should buy some On whey and not to tell him other wise cause he squats 400 and he knows what he's talking about. Dumb fkcs come in all shapes and sizes. You can't look at his weight just cause he doesn't know wtf he's talking about.


So the guy is a dumb ass because he has a protein preference? Uh, so do you.


I understand completely, the punk had it coming. You never tell a guy that has "anaconda's" what to do because if he didnt know than he wouldnt be HUGE (juicers included).


It's stuff like this that sometimes makes me wish I had a gym membership. It's just too damn funny sometimes.


oh yeah! funny shit happens all the time sometimes you have to actualy stop dumbasses from killing themselves or sombody else. I was doing powercleans on a platform(shitty one but still a platform) and the squat rack is in front where i'm at this dumb shit walks 225 out of the squat rack, I mean out of the rack completely and goes to do a squat, now he walked it out just fine I could not understand why he would do that but what the hell to each there own. this weight put his ass to the floor and it stayed there. I barly stop laughing long enough to help him get it off.


The guy is a dumbass because he thinks squatting 400 means he knows what he's talking about.


I know some guys have "problem areas" in strength training, but one would think a guy who was a "ripped" 220lbs could squat more than 400lbs. Just a thought ...


I honestly have never had this problem. I really have to wonder where you guys are working out where anyone just walks up and gives training advice. The stories are constantly popping up on this site.When I get to the gym I walk to the backroom, get my shoes and IPOD on and start lifting. very few people have ever even talked to me at the gym usually its a friendly nod unless there is an issue with a peice of equipement.

I'm not doubting your story this just seems so foriegn to me because most 145 pound guys who work out around me usually do nothing but stare at someone who weighs a good 100 pounds more with the the same or less bodyfat.


K-Narf, it's the same here...

I've had one guy approach me, ever, while I was doing bent-over rows. He suggested wrist wraps for the rows because it allows you to focus on the weight more, and not worry about your grip so much. And it wasn't even a bad idea. Between deadlifts and chins, my forearms are coming along nicely, and I do tend to focus on my grip more than anything else on the rows.


I'm the same. I kinda wish I had the occasional dumbass at my gym to spice things up a little.


That is good advice. Strange I've never thought of that. I might have to give it a try tomorrow...


And quite frankly as lame a thought as the original poster.

I seriously doubt most of these 'stories.' I agree with K and the rest who say this never happens to them. I just find it odd that a 'nerd-no'nothing' comes up to some supposed muscle man rippin heavy preachers.....!!!!!!????? and offers advice.

10 years in the gym--never happened to me or any of the guys who I work out with.

If anything, we always get asked to spot and guys asjk us what muscle that's working? That's about it.

Between stuff like this and the dude who thought someone was an idiot for liking a different protein, I wonder--seriously--about these guys and there need to try and fit in on this board.

psychology rant over.


Meh, ive never belonged to a gym so i dont know how much advice floats around. However i did do an excercise and nutrition course at uni. Which i didnt find that bad. However some of the people i knew there saw me workout doing tbt. Before you know it, "you should lower the weight over like 12 seconds", "You should be doing more reps".... and so on. They wernt exactly wrong. i could understand why they were suggesting it. I even shared their enthusiasm for applying what i learnt. But i got annoyed with the constant critique of a good program when all i wanted to do was keep lifting.


I have to agree. I have NEVER had anyone just walk up to me and start offering advice. It makes me think the ones this does happen to might actually be training so outlandishly wrong or they really aren't that big. People either stare or ask for a spot. Every once in a while, someone will ask how I did this or that, but that's about it. I also would not expect a guy of average height who was 220lbs to be doing real multiple reps with more than 400lbs. That sounds just about right for someone that size who is a BODYBUILDER and not trying to either show off or become a powerlifter.