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Little pink pills

A good friend of mine gave me 40 little pink pills, on one side they have upjohn on them, the other is just a cross. Is this a legitimate anabolic or not? My friend didnt know either, that is why he gave them to me for free. Any help would be most appreciated.

The only anabolic i know of that upjohn produces is winstrol depot, and maybe some depot testosterones too. I’ve never heard of an oral anabolic from upjohn though. Really it could be anything, upjohn is a pretty big pharmaceutical company. Maybe a pharmacist could tell you whether or not they’ve ever seen anything like it, but other than that i cant suggest anything other than flush em.

Dbol does come in little pink tabs, but i’ve never seen any that said upjohn on them.

Got get a PDR (Physicans Desk Reference Book) and look at all the pictures of upjohn pills. I seriously doubt its an anabolic as I don’t beleive that they make any except the injectable depo’s. You can probabaly find one at a public or school library.

It might be Medrol, a corticosteroid. They’re made by upjohn and they’re pink. It’s a place to start looking.


The only pills I have seen made by UpJohn that are identical in your description is Halotestin. The only problem is, these are green, not pink.

Prock had a good suggestion about flipping through a PDR. You could also check out William Llewellyn’s Anabolics 2004 which has a ton of cool colour photos. Good luck.