Little Physique Update, 4 Years of Training

16-19 years old. 160 - 210/215lbs

Training for powerlifting lifts, 365 bench/475squat/600deadlift

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Btw what do y’all think my bodyfat is around? I’m thinking 17-18. Friends think 19-20.

Take your current picture unflexed. Can’t judge a difference if one picture is flat and the other is flexing.

Definitely 17.675% bro
If you want to know your BF%, go get a DEXA scan

I’d skew toward the lower estimate because you’re above the norm on muscle mass.

You’ve done good!


Superman does good; he’s done well

Sorry. My friend says that to me and I find it hilarious as English is his second language.


:rofl: That is funny. And a good way to remember the proper usages of good vs. well!

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Solid numbers for 19 years of age. Keep up the good work.

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Get into powerlifting. How heavy are you now?