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Little Nervous to Run Tren for the First Time

So my biggest cycle so far has been 500 test 350 deca aweek. 40 anavar a day. I’ve never gotten any sides from anything except for some acne which I don’t even know if it was caused by the drugs because of how minimal it was.

I just hear so many horror stories. I would be running 140 a week with 500 test daily injections 20mg a day tren enanthate. From what I can see it seems like when you run ace it seems to make the sides worse because of the fast acting. I know no one can tell me how my body will respond but at that dose what would you expect side effect wise and results wise? I’m a powerlifter looking to add size and strength.

Personal experience Definitely welcome.

Thanks for all input.

I have no experience to offer but I am very curious to see how this works out for you. If you do proceed can you keep us posted with any side effects and the results?

I have no personal experience either, but I am glad you are nervous. If you weren’t nervous I would be a little worried about your personal health. I believe a cautious approach is much better than a care-free approach, Especially with Tren. I am interested to see how this works for you, because some time in the near-ish future (within the next year) I plan to run 25-30 mg/day Tren A.

I am not sure what you could gain from such a low dose, but from what I hear/read, 150 mg/wk is the minimum effective dose. Tren E will take much longer to be effective and much longer to “burn off” once your cycle off due to half life. I would imagine at such a low dose, sides would be minimal. But just like you said, everyone responds differently.

Good luck and I would love to see this thread turn into some sort of log


Yes I will let you guys know.

FWIW I am incredibly nervous to run it, but I’m going to anyways so I can remain competitive with the other 105k strongman athletes. And I already told my wife that if it doesn’t work (i.e. turn me into an asshole and cause issues between us) I’ll drop it.

Well if it has a week half life, and he is running 140 mg/wk, in a week he will be at an equivalent dose of 70 mg/wk, and in two 35 mg/wk. I know everyone says to run Ace on your first run. I think that makes a lot of sense if you are going to do the typical 3-400 mg/wk, but at a low dose I think running Enth can make sense. It supposedly doesn’t induce the Tren cough like the Ace does, and IMO, waiting a week or so isn’t all that bad. On 400 mg/wk, it could really be 3 weeks until you are at low enough levels to not have sides. On 150-200 mg, I would just run the Enth as it is easier to do, and at least from my source it is the same price, but double the concentration of the Ace.

Won’t run Tren most likely. Just if I did, I would probably start with low dose Enth.

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That’s fair, I suppose that’s what happens when you simply regurgitate stuff sometimes like I just did as opposed to taking time to think critically about it.

I did get “tren” cough on 2 separate occasions with NPP though. It literally felt like being in a CS gas chamber for about 2-3 minutes. It was only the cough portion, not the snotty nose and crying eyes portion.

I hear it is brutal (Tren cough). According to MPMD that doesn’t happen with Enth (or it is at least not common).

I think the Ace recommendation makes sense most of the time. I see how it got to be standard advice. Standard advice is good for most situations, but generally does not have much nuance to it.

Have run a simalar test/deca cycle finishing with var. I had no sides except for a tiny bit of water retention. That being said, I am currently 2 weeks into a trenA 350/Mast P 350/test 180 (TRT dose) cycle and feeling no ill effects aside from a bit of sweating at night as of yet. Pinning the test every 3.5 days and the mast/tren EOD. If sides start to come on i’ll switch to ED. This is my first go with tren and mast so figured these would be fairly conservative doses.

its too low of a dose , 250 to 300mg week minimum of tren , if your gonna run it …run it . You’ll be dissapointed if you don’t

Are you sure? I’ve heard for someone that’s never done it before 150 is plenty.

Back in the day we used to get a “super cuts” blend of tren A/mast P/test P all 100mg each per mL. I loved that, for about 4-5 reeks before the tren sides (I assume) caught up to me. But the strength was crazy & could eat everything in site. Hope it works for you.

I feel that if you aren’t doing a show that Tren shouldn’t even be something considered. I was curious but the potential sides have made me reconsider. My friend did Tren and he was miserable for his entire stint of using it. At what point do the results matter more than your standard of living (sleep, mind set, libido, cardiovascular). Just my input.

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I can talk about this some. Tren made me feel awesome. Felt young and horny all the time. Was constantly hungry and could eat anything. Night sweats are a real thing. I literally ruined a set of sheets from tren sweat. My wife threw them out.

I did not know I was becoming an asshole until my wife told me. So be forewarned about that.


Can you comment on what the weekly dosage was? Ester?

I was Tren E. I think it was 400/week but I cant really remember

What dosage was he on? I hear from a lot of people that are getting terrible sides then there on massive doses. From what I’ve heard the dose I’m talking about is relatively safe.

200 mg Tren ace. Almost like doing a gram of test.

I’ve heard the sides with ace are much worse than with e. Is that true to your knowledge?

I think the dose you got it right tren e i wouldn’t recommend if you do have bad sides you got two weeks instead of two days with ace to deal with them. One of the sides that doesn’t get mentioned much is the mental sides of tren. The anxiety and depression jealousy it can cause can be a living hell. I’m not trying to scare you but I d strongly recommend tren ace to test the waters.