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Little Man Syndrome


I'm having a little trouble understanding the "little man syndrome"

Here's what happened. I'm in a bar, not many people there, and there is this little guy about 5'6" maybe 150 pounds. The bartender tells me that he's been trying to start shit with everybody. Well pretty soon he starts staring at me. I'm 6'1" 275 pounds. The guy walks over and stands next to me at the bar and stares at me for like 5 minutes, I was watching him in the reflection in the glass behind the bar, and he kept holding his empty beer bottle like he was ready to hit me with it.

Finally he gets some nuts and says something to me. So being that I didn't feel like getting hit with a beer bottle, I just picked him up by the throat and choke slammed him. Told him if he really wanted to start a fight tonight, that he could come up swinging. So he left. What I don't understand is what he was thinking. It just kinda floors me that anybody his size would pick a fight with me. I don't get it.


My hand speed was so swift I sometimes wondered where it came from, I used to break those automatic punching machines that they used to make.


Why does it not floor you that anybody regardless of their height/size would start a fight with you regardless of your height/size?

Why is not more a question of a individuals action against another without justification being the question posed?

For every story told on here of this nature as this seems to come up once in a while, I know there are an equal amount of stories about how some bear of a man shoots his mouth off and pushes people around.

Far more incidents of Bullyish behaviour coming from bigger stronger perpetrators than the other way around.

Yet when that happens it's simply referred to as Bullying but when a person of shorter stature does it all of a sudden it's the small man syndrome.

Just a observation with a tad bit of devils advocacy.


Why is this "Little Man's Syndrom"? The fact was he was an asshole, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Does this mean a 6'1" asshole has the OK to be one? It makes sense since he's big, and justifiably an asshole since it LOOKS like he can back it up, but if he's 150lbs, he has little man syndrome.


The other part I find interesting is if He was starting shit all night, why did the bartender let him stay? It took only you to bounce him?


That explains it all....


Who would win, a bear or a lion?


He must have been on drugs. What kind of normal person in his right mind would challenge a 275lb man, provoked or not?


The guy wasnt just short dude. I'm the same height(5'6-5'7) and 30 lbs heavier and i wouldnt start shit with this guy.


I second that


People who like to fight.

There are some guys who are short who have the Napolean syndrome, but as Rockscar said I know lots of big guys that will fuck people around just because they can.

When you hang out in bars alot, you see a lot of shit. People that like to fight, or are violent in nature, just get amplified by the booze, and shit happens.

Personally, I don't care at all how big or little someone is. If you're violent and nasty enough times, you deserve to get your ass kicked. And it will happen eventually. Things like that work themselves out.


Weird, I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Maybe he's short.


I too do not understand why this baffles you. Society is filled with assholes, jerks, and the like. It doesn't matter what size they are.


I have heard many, many references to "short man syndrome" over the years. Being very short myself I have never understood this. There are fewer short people out there than average or tall these days, and as such I think it just sticks out more in peoples minds when shorties are assholes. I know plenty of short people and none of them are asses, and I am no different.

Oh by the way, 5'6'' is not short. When did that happen anyway? I have seen guys who are frickin' 5'9'' call themselves short.



The bartender didn't bounce him because she was smaller than he was. There werent' a lot of people in the bar, and everybody else had just either been letting him get away with it, or they just didn't feel like fucking with it and left.

As far as why its little man syndrome and not just being an asshole. Well, I suppose he could have been an assshole, but I just thought that there had to be something else to it.

I think that at some point it does matter how big they are or how badass they are. I was in a bar one night and one of my friends who was a prick started making fun of some dude in there. I finally pointed out that the guy he was making fun of had a Ranger tat on his arm, and that he shouldn't fuck with him. Even though the guy wasn't bigger, he was definatly able to whip some ass. I think that me being bigger was something that the guy should have just been able to see.

It also crossed my mind that he probably had a knife on him, just because of the bar that we were in.


""Oh by the way, 5'6'' is not short. When did that happen anyway? I have seen guys who are frickin' 5'9'' call themselves short.""

5'6" isnt short for a girl, but it is pretty short for a guy

i dont really think short man syndrome exists once you control for asshole syndrome

one of the toughest guys i ever trained with was 5'7" and 190lbs

so short guys can be pretty tough, but i cant imagine starting a fight with a guy that outweighed me by more than a benjamin



Either way, it doesnt matter. Rickson Gracie was the toughest man in the world for about 20 years during his prime. Yea. A few "Billion" men in the world. He was the baddest. He stands at 5'8 1/2 and was around 160 in his younger, prime years.


Something to remember is that while the tendencies to be an asshole may be there, alcohol effects everyone differently. The guy in question in the original thread, if he's old enough to be in a bar, he's old enough to know how he gets when he drinks. Some people are just assholes, as already pointed out, plain and simple.


Well, being short and skinny doesn't bely toughness....

Dare I mention Bruce Lee? ...or Jet Li?

Bruce Lee could've kicked ANY of our asses, I don't care HOW big and strong we are. he had such explosive strength and speed that a full powered one-inch punch to the chest could potentially stop a heart from beating. ....yikes.

Jet Li, well, 6 time Chinese grand national WuShu champin. ...need I say more? this guy is the baddest ass out of 1.6 BILLION PEOPLE. ...yikes.

granted, this dude at the bar was probably just some tool who felt he had something to prove - the fact that you're so big means that you're a higher profile target. If this dude managed to kick YOUR ass, well... he'd have to feel pretty damned good about himself, eh?

Some people need to accomplish silly things like this to feel better about themselves. Me, I feel great everytime I take a shit, ESPECIALLY when I'm drunk... "Man, look at the SIZE of that one!"


i hope you are trolling with that bruce lee jet li shit


And this thread is going to blow up in 5...4...3...