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Little Lady Mixing GVT & Girondas 8x8


Female, 5'3, 51kg, 19.5% bf. My last programme I used German volume training and seen serious results. Decided to spice things up a bit tho as I wanted to use a little heavier weights so I'm currently using a mix if GVT and girondas 8x8 to base my programme. It's tough but I love it. about to start week 3 of my current training programme:
Back squats 8x8 70kg followed by 10x10 @ 60kg
6 laps of 10kg db walking lunges, I have a track in my gym about 50metres
Latpulldowns 10x10
Seated rows 10x10
100 seated Russians twists with 12kg kettlebell


Training done. Went really well. Tomorrow’s training will consist of:
100 unassisted wide grip pull-ups which I break down into sets of 7-8 reps. Takes a while but slowly getting stronger and decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete.

Flat bench 8x8 35kg superset with wide grip pull-ups (8 reps)

12.5kg DB chest press 8x8, superset with more pull-ups.

The reason I’m doing so many pull-ups is because I simply want to increase my reps/endurance. Been doing this amount for a solid 6 weeks now. Before I could only do 2, now I can do 8. Having no shoulder issues what so ever and back has really developed.


Hello from another 5’3" Little Lady :slight_smile:

Strong lifts, well done and very nice work on the pull-ups - I still can’t do one and it something I want to turn my attention to now as I’ve always prioritised lower body strength.

How did you work up to your current load?


Hey girl :slight_smile: thank you, i seen ur training log and it inspired me to start recording mine on here. Your doing awsome aswell.

Regarding wide grip pullups: 6 weeks ago i started doing 200 on a monday and 100 on a wednsday. At this time i could only complete them by painstakingly doing 2 measly reps at a time. I would be in the gym for nearly 2 hours but i was determined to never leave out a rep. So worth the time and effort as i can now do 8 reps at a time. I have now changed to doing my wednsdays with 200 reps aswell. When i can do 10 full reps in a row i will ad weight and decrease the total reps.

I believe doing pullups with a band is good but i found my reps never went up so banned myself from doing them assisted and will never go back!

I have lost 2.5kg in the past 6-8 weeks so this has made them easier also.


My load regarding squats has a story behind it. I compete in powerlifting and won my first world powerlifting competition with the WDFPF (drug free) this year. As you can see my current programme is volume training and not for increasing my max rep for each of the 3 lifts as im finished competing for the season. Because the strength is there i can manage high reps on slightly heavier weights.


Got 10 unassisted wg pullups in a row yesterday!! Also was able to get ad an extra rep on the db chest press so it was 8x9. Definitley getting stronger.

Backsquat 60kg 80 15x10
Upright row 25kg 8x8
Shrugs 2x20kg db 8x8
Tricep kickbacks 8x8 8kg
Tricep pushdown 8x8
6 laps traveling lunges on track 10kg db
100 seated russian twists 12kg kettlebell


200 unassisted wg pullups
Seated db 12.5kg shoulder press 8x8
Lateral raise to front drop 5 kg 8x8
Hammer curls 8kg 8x8
Drag curls 8x8 20kg barbell
5 min plank

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Lots of volume. Are you sore the next day? Have you tried a program with lower rep ranges?



Lots of volume indeed. Im only ever sore when i work chest. I rarely get Muscle soreness which is frustrating.
When i was competing in powerlifting i did low reps heavy ass weights and still no soreness. I guess i just have good recovery. I dont take any supplements either.


Just complete:
15x10 back squats 60kg
Parallel bar tricep dips 8x8 (5 sec on way down, 1 sec explosive on way up)
Lat pull down 8x8
Pec deck 8x8
6 laps travelling lunge with 10kg db
100 seated Russian twists 12kg kettlebell

Felt quiet easy today


Superset day!!

12.5kg db shuolder press/ lateral raise 8x8
Skullcrushers / tricep pulldown 8x8
Chinrow 25kg barbelll / shrugs 20kg db 8x8

Then repeat circuit doing each excercise for 1 set 10 reps

5min plank


Rest day

Repeating all posts in order for next 7 days tomorrow which will take me up to week 4 on the programme.

Have let a few sugar cravings get the better of me this week so starting today im going cold turkey on all things sugar, this will be extremely tough but i hope that within 14-18 days i wont be craving that nastiness anymore.


One day done with no sugar, only side affect so far was sweating a bit as i was drifting to sleep last night.
I ended up eating more fat than i needed, it did decrease sugar pangs but must not eat excess fats or weight will increase.
I also purchased some glutamine to mix with water and some chromium to help reduce cravings. Not sure if either will work but ill give it a go.
Drank loads of water too.

Hopefully today i stay motivated and avoid sugar again today, 13 days and counting to my 2 week no sugar challenge.


No sugar yesterday. Hopefully today goes just as well.

Today instead of using 12.5kg dumb bells for chest press I used the 15kgs for 8x8, started to fail on set 6 at my 6th rep, have definitely gotten stronger!


Squats, upright rows, shrugs, tricep kickbacks, French press instead of tricep pulldown.
Awsome workout, hit every rep, last week failed a few reps on this workout. Switched tricep pulldown to frenchpress as I feel my triceps respond a lot better to this excercise. Also increase kick backs to 8x10 instead of 8x8. My rest time between sets decreased a lot today which is one of the goals of Girondas programme.

Either I’m making progress or just had one of those really good days at the gym. Either way v.happy with today.

Again no sugar so far today, only a few hours till sleep so I’m determined not to break the challenge.


Squatted 209lbs for one rep today boom!

Got out of the hole on 220lbs but quads were too week to drive all way up. Nothing a few box squats won’t fix.

Hadn’t planned on doing this today but It was my rest day and I had nothing better to do!


Back squat 154lbs 10x10
Seated rows 10x10
Lat pull down

Core work included stir the pot, side planks, hanging leg raises

Was supposed to do walking lunges with dumbbells but had nothing left in the tank