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Little Known 'Positive' of Shorter Esters

Everyone knows we use short acting esters like propionate, acetate, etc because they kick in faster and produce results faster. Something not often considered, though, is that you might be able to get away with more total time on PED’s throughout the year if you use short acting esters. While it is no fun to be a pin cushion, if you do a 12 week cycle using esters like enanthate and decanoate, if you take 8 weeks “off” the drugs are really only out of your system for 2-4 weeks. Boldenone undecylenate (EQ) will literally be in your system for almost another 3 months after your last pin. The quicker the drugs are out of you, the quicker systemic recovery can occur. Something to consider if you have serious performance/physique goals.


Er…if a person has “serious performance/physique goals” then they are never coming off. So systemic recovery isn’t really a concern.

The same applies to dropping down to a “sports trt” dose. Keep in mind what you said isn’t entirely true, even some top athletes take a few weeks to completely clean out occasionally. This is typically periodized with a low volume training block/off season/post competition period

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