Little Hercules

Anyone see that Little Hurcules kid on Howard Stern? I’ve seen him before on late night talk shows, but he was lookin particularly jacked on Howard Stern’s show the other day. This kid is like 13 with a super disciplined diet and training regimen. What do you guys think about it? Is that a healthy lifestyle at his yound age? I have mixed feelings about it personally.

I dont think any 13 year old should have a strict diet. Havent seent the kid but if hes jacked then what is it doing for his growth to be keeping his fat super low?? Cant be good.

The kid is actually an adult. It’s been discussed before. He has some form of disease that causes him not to grow(think Emmanuel Lewis). This kid has been 10 years old for like the past 10 years. It’s all a scam.

loopfit: what the hell are you talking about? You can go to the kid’s website and see him getting taller/older looking as the years go by.

Its better than being a (most likely) fat, out-of-shape, mountain dew-chugging, xbox-playing, internet-porn paying, mouth breather.

The only thing that bothers me about the kid is that he’s a vegetarian… drinks soy milk, etc. And I wonder how, exactly, an eight year-old boy would get to that level of strength and definition without a) eating meat (which he has no reason to lie about) and b) without drugs (which he sure as hell does).

Something about that kid gives me the creeps…

“At the martial arts school Richard trains for speed, balance, power and mind and at the age of 8 has the fastest and the strongest kicks and punches in the world measuring in at 110 punches in 15 seconds and 30 kicks in 15 seconds.”

What the fuck? This little punk could whoop my ass…

I didn’t even notice that he was a vegetarian. That changes everything. If his parents/trainers are that aloof in their techniques, this kid is surely doomed.

Sometimes, the term “genetic freak” can be used with complete disregard of someone’s training/diet.

This is one of those cases.