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Little Hercules

So did any one else watch Howard Stern tonight with Little Hercules. This kid is 8 years old, about 60 pounds and probably 6%-8%body fat with a lot of muscle and benches 200. All he does is eat(vegetarian), lift and practice martial arts. He also is going to be a new spokesperson for Pinnacle supps. Looking at the kid is almost as disturbing to me as an obese eight year old. So what are your opinions on this little genetic freak?

I thought “Little Hercules” was an olympic lifter. Put up some serious iron in the last olympics too. But an 8 year old?!?! What ever happened to being a kid? I shudder to think of what this kid will become in another 15 years.

If this is not a hoax or he is not a genetic freak, shudder to think about what his parents may be slipping into his grape juice and cookies.

Here’s his web site:

I think I saw this kid on Ripley’s. They had him deadlift a decent amount of weight. The thing is, the bar hits him at his knee, so he deadlifted it, but only lifted it about three inches. Now benching should be a different matter somewhat, but this shows you the advantage short people have. :slight_smile:

Also, is NAMBLA one of his sponsors?

Brider, you’re thinking of Naim Suleymanoglu, also known as "Pocket Hercules.

To DocT – Yup, that’s the guy. Totally impressed by that little guy.

To ko – thanks for the link, I think. There’s just something wrong about this whole thing…

Remind me to find out what this kid is up to in about 10 years time.

Apparently the dad was a Lithuanian or Croatian karate competitor. He hired a husband/wife personal training pair to “manage” the kids career, get him into movies and choriograph a routine for their little performer (cash in on him). It was disturbing to see an 8-year old, tanned up and posing in shiny, blue Speedos.
They got the kid on amino acids and supplements and protein powders. The mother wasn’t mentioned. I wonder if the dad had sought out a genetically desirable lady to donate her half of superkid.
When questioned about the danger of children lifting, the father said only dangerous when kids lift excessively heavy weights. But he then brags about how the kid can bench 200 lbs.
It seems kind of unscrupulous for Pinnacle to support this kiddie freak show.

Damn. My three year old is a lazy, fatass.

I second the comment about Pinnacle. If they actually do use this kid (who, I’m convinced, IS a genetic freak), it will demonstrate conclusively that they suck.

While impressive, what piece of shit trainer would allow such piss poor form on everything?


I saw that Ripley’s too, but they are not the same kid. That kid was 11 and deadlifted twice his bodyweight. This other kid is a complete freak.