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I am trying to get my girlfriend to start training with weights but she is scared that she will "get big." I have told her time and again that she wont look like a man if she lifts weights but she wont listen.

Can any of you please direct to me to some articles on figureathlete.com or anywhere else so I can quell her fears. Thank you all very much.



4 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know
by Tony Gentilcore, CSCS, CPT



You have to eat a TON of food to get big, and no woman will look like a freaky bodybuilder unless she's on something, has been working toward that goal for years, or is crazy genetically gifted.

You should also talk to her about what her idea of "bulky" is. Some women think figure athletes are too bulky - but you look a lot more muscular when on stage in competition shape than you do when walking around. Show her pictures of off season competitors - plenty of muscle, a bit softer - and tell her how hard she will have to work to even look like that!


Thank you both very much.


I totally agree, her idea of "bulky" may be very different from yours. And looking at "off season" pics is a good idea as well. I compete in power lifting and only weigh 123lbs. So let her know you can be strong and little :slight_smile:



Have her start by going to a "Curves" gym. Once she gets bored there, then she can talk to you about lifting some real weights. :smiley:

Growing "big" comes from diet and YEARS of lifting heavy.

As far as reading material, I'd suggest getting buying a couple of magazines such as, "Women's Health."




I can understand her fear of getting big. I came across a book called "Lift like a man, look like a Goddess".. this book has been and continues to be a great help to me. I was one of those girls that thought that as long as I lifted light I would be ok. Now I know that is all wrong. I hope you have shown her this site also. There is an amazing amount of information here. Good luck, and let us know if she changes her mind.