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Little help here guys

I want to add as much muscle as possible and lose fat - how?. I want to combine a sort-of Berardi, T-Dawg, Steroid diet, fat/fast type of deal into some sort of meltdown training deal with a few kettlebell hopping exersises thrown in on top of a 5x5 something-or-other. Should I be taking a whole bottle of Mag10 a day? Also, do vitamins work? I am thinking of adding a a few bottles of mag10 and consuming a whole can of GROW every day and call it the Beef-Dawg diet? Can I inject Myostatin into my shlong? Some old man on the internet said he would come over and inject it for me… any suggestions? Should I do fast reps or slow reps? How many rest days? What should I wear to the gym? I am currently wearing some really cool-as-hell ultra baggy workout type deals pulled down a bit so my Tommy Hilfigers hang out - have a cool aqua-colored weight belt, some smooth looking gloves, some black Reebok high-tops, a few wristbands and a head band to boot. Chicks dig me. Back to my question(s) though - how do i put on as much muscle as possible and loose a ton of fat without losing muscle. How do I tone up without getting too bulky? oooops, almost forgot - How useful is a Methoxy enema?

I have read every post here and gone through the search engine but can’t find anything regarding diet and exersise. Peace out

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