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Little Help for a Rugger

Hey, I need a little help with supplements and dieting. First I don’t think I’m getting enough calories in a day and was wondering if you can suggest any foods high in calories. Secondly if you can recommend a better Creatine and Pre-Workout pump.

Currently I am taking Universal Nation Products Aftershock and their pre-workout stuff. I don’t think it does much anymore as my body has become accustomed to it. I got good results in the beginning but it doesn’t seem to do much anymore.

Also, I used adenergy in the pass but they not longer sell it. I like the combo of doing both a Voluminizer and a Pump mix. I also have a Whey Shake every day.

My meals usually like this:

Cereal, but I am going to switch to eggs (such as over-easy or scrambled)

Fruit in Between Meals

Lunch: Some kind of deli sandwich, maybe some fruit

Workout (sometiems before will have a yogurt or some other snack)

Dinner: Some kind of beef or chicken with salad

Night Time Snack: Protein Shake

any suggestions would be awesome. I am currently 5’7’’ and 200. I need to stay above 200 (I would like to get to 210 and maintain the same speed, but I only have 1.5 months).


Creatine?? take a plain old simple creatine monohydrate like the one in the store here.

For a “pump” honestly food make sure you have plenty of carbs, pre w/o and stay hydrated. If Looking for a pick me up might check out Spike the pills or the drink

Foods High in calories, Nuts, Oils, bread, potatoe, rice, Beef, eggs, bagles, PB and J sandwich etc…

[quote]blo529 wrote:

My meals usually like this:

Cereal, but I am going to switch to eggs (such as over-easy or scrambled)

More food make this a BIG ass dense meal. If your going to eggs make it 6-12 and add some carbs, oats, potatoe, toast, pancakes, etc.

Bro more food, plain and simple

really you just need MORE your eating like a chipmunk. anything just food. Im not trying to be a dick but your hardly eating at all. Thats why you say your under eating you are. Your going to have to make an effort to just get MORE food.

Try adding a 1/2 to full gallon of milk a day if you want something simple. NOT skim but whole or 2% that will add a LOT in the way of helping

Hope that helps,