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Little Guys Vent!

What is it with big guys thinking they own the gym? We are doing the Waterbury method and on set 6 of 10 for chins. We were using one of the squat racks with a chin up bar on it. So this guy with a monster gut comes over and starts to lecture me on it being a squat rack and not for chins… hmm… it has a knurled bar 8’ in the air… Says he needs it… There are four other racks empty and another power rack… I didn’t feel like getting into it with him so we moved, it ended up pissing me off all night.

This guy then proceeds to jump rope and do pushups for 15 min. Do a few sets, then leave it loaded. Do some of the shittiest snatches I have ever seen with no weight, He had the bar and four of the rubber 10lb plates… He would drop it above his head and the sucker bounced to his chest… After he finished that he went back to do front squats…

I mean am I out of line here or should I have stood my ground and not moved till we finished? Again this rack does have a chin bar on in, and there was plenty of open racks for him to use.

I feel ya on punkasses in the gym (which is why I now train at home). But about what you should do…it depends. If you were on a time budget with timed rest periods and all, then you did the right thing. You made your life simpler and just moved on (which is what I would have done)and use the anger to further fuel your workout.

But if you were almost done, or were gonna call it a night right then and there, then you could have just stood up to him (while sipping on Surge) and told him off. Like you said, there were other racks available, so you weren’t jeopardizing anyone else’s workout by hogging the rack.

You also could’ve just started doing the exercises he was doing and used more weight, better form, etc. Probably would’ve pissed him off and hurt himself or something.


Instead you pussied out. Move Bitch Get Out The Way!

Is there other chinning kit?

If not, say he can work in if he likes and chin off his o bar!

everyones a winner.

You should have told him you have 4 sets left and he’ll just have to wait the 20 min or so. Be polite, friendly but stern and don’t let yourself waste time from your life being angry because of another person unloading their will on you. Next time do what you have to do and let that be it, what’s the worst that can happen? He’s gonna try to hit you? Ofcourse not.

Good luck next time.

You should of told the guy to kiss your ass… I’m 5 foot 7, 180 pounds… I lift more weight then most of the meatheads in my gym… It’s not the size of the dog in the fight… But the size of the fight in the dog. Bodybuilders are all show and no go… Guy’s who train for speed and strength are all GO!!! Size is over rated…

I told you little fuckers to get out of my fuckin squat rack and that’s that. Don’t come on here whining about it!

j/k you should’ve stood your ground and politely asked if there was any reason he couldn’t use one of the other racks.

I dont think this is exclusive to big guys but more of an asshole problem.

I experienced almost the same thing lastnight. This bigger guy (fat) comes up to me while I was doing chins in the squat rack (the only place to do them by the way) and asks me if I am going to do any weights in there! I look at him and say what the fuck do you think chinups are? He then proceeds to tell me that he wants to do CURLS! I laughed in his face; and then said uh sure as soon as I am done.

Later he insinuates that I dont appear to be working very hard. I responded that doing 30 chinups is pretty damn hard and invited him to do the same! Unfortunately he declined, would have done him some good too.

Come on fellas

First of all this has nothing to do with ‘big guys.’ This was a jerk/meatball that just happens to be big.

Second, like it’s really worth a fight.
There were additional chin areas as well as additional racks. Seeing as you didn’t have to unrack and rerack any weight just move it’s just sort of a non-issue.

You would have been perfectly within your right to explain to him that there were other areas for him to work. You are never within your right to punch someone for a workout spot.

There are assholes in every gym. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders.

I know I’ll get flamed and called a big pussy or what not, but really be a true T-man and walk away just shaking your head. Now that yoy’ve experienced thisyou’ll be more comfortable with your
reaction next time.

[quote]sasquatch wrote:
Come on fellas

First of all this has nothing to do with ‘big guys.’ This was a jerk/meatball that just happens to be big.[/quote]

Some of the biggest gyms retards I have ever experienced have been the smaller guys who feel the need to make sure everyone knows that they make up for their size in strength. This usually leads to the legendary “spread eagle lat syndrome” and the belief that everyone else gives a flying shit what they are benching that day.

If there were that many other racks, you should have informed him of this and gone about what you were doing. The picture you painted is of you and others seriously training with intent. I am guessing there was absolutely no joking around going on that would give anyone the impression that you guys weren’t as serious as that.

It’s an asshole problem. Not a big guy problem.

I am one of the big guys but happen to be pretty curteous unless someone is being a dickhead. My recommendation would be not to be confrontational and rude, but compromise with said offender. That way you can come to a mutual agreement and you won’t be pissed off all night. The gym is where you go to help RELIEVE stress, not CREATE it.

Just be a little more assertive and things should work out ok. Who knows, you guys might end up being bro’s or something.

Good luck


You got there first and your workout takes priority over his. You’re not his servant.

Does the ‘squat-rule’ - if there is one - apply here? No. Pull-ups require a high bar which allow the exercise to be performed. Your other option is to glue your hands to the wall and do the vertical swim. You do the math.

Politely reply “Is it a boy?” while gesturing your index finger toward his beer repository.

Or perhaps something like “Are you really 100% dough Mr. Pillsbury?” works best.

Pinch his cheek between your thumb and index, and say,

‘Who’s a pretty baby! You’re a pretty baby! Yes you aaare! Yes you aaare!’

I agree with Prof. X just tell him about the other racks and do your thing. you have as much right to be in that gym as this guy, don’t let him push your around.

[quote]diesel25 wrote:
Or perhaps something like “Are you really 100% dough Mr. Pillsbury?” works best.[/quote]

now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are…

It’s not a big guy or a little guy problem… it’s those damned medium sized bastards!

Thank God I work out at home. assholes be damned…

Take a long slow look at all of the other squat racks…linger on each one for a few seconds then say “this one…you mean the one I’m using…this one right here, no I’ll be done in a minute”

i’m with tgatl,thats the best reply i’ve read so far to this day.i’m 5’8 155 at 23,and i can outlift alot of people who are bigger than me and all actuality i’m a hella of alot faster.

u should of told em to FUCK OFF!u can have it when i’m done.i’m mean if he really wants to push the issue and risk being thrown out of the gym,it might be worth whipping his fuckn ass,cause if thats the case it sounds like he had a problem with u before he said that.

should’ve told em to fuck off