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Little Girls Stronger Than You

relatively speaking lol


Absolutely amazing.

good god

the time on the clip is weird, its counting backwards. so based on that time, the (young) girl at 8:25 is ridiculous–>shes holding herself upside down with one hand…i think my the other chicks foot…and then raises her lower half up into the air…WOW! her strength is ridiculous.

now that i have acknowledged the athleticism displayed in this clip, i have to say that i have a strong desire to find myself a girl that can do these things. and i dont mean a little girl as in the girl i commented on about, who appears to be ~12. im talking legal here. a girl that i can do naughty things with.

i saw a show in vegas last june that had probably 60-80 male and female dancers in it. i was sitting front row and god a pretty good view of these females. most of them had practically no chest, or very little. but man, the development of their legs was ridiculous, and the way they could move was dead sexy. still havent found one yet…

holy shit…those girls are AWESOME

daaaaang crazy. i love that human jump rope thang

That’s insane. Unbelievable they can do those things. The human body is amazing when people push it to it’s limits.


we actually had a show like this at our highschool…it was an hour and a bit long and it was AMAZING to watch. It consisted of 2 girls and it was just crazzy.

omg shit’s crazy at 2:20

I bet it’s because they use functional training!


I bet I could take fully 40% of the girls in that video in a fight.

I like the Turkish get ups at 1 min to go

[quote]Siirous wrote:
I bet it’s because they use functional training!


naarrrgh! you beat me to it. I was thinking this the whole video and i was looking down the posts hoping no one had said it before me!1 Gaar! I hate you

Sports Acrobatics is in general crazy. I have trouble doing one handed arm leavers on flat ground let alone ontop of a 3 person tower!

A good argument for Gymnasts being over all some of the most complete athletes in the world.

I was a cheerleader for two years and I had a hard enough time hold a girl over my head with on hand while she stood on both feet trying to balance herself. My jaw literally dropped watching this.

Some of that stuff looks like it REALLY hurts.

It’s very sick!

I see it happen at the Gymnastics club I use to train at. VERY talented and crazy strong girls!

They are just FREAKS.


I don’t even understand. . .

Everything in this video ranges from “crap!” to “insane!” – the stuff with the four guys, though, scared me – one, they’re really high, two, crazy strong.