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Little D-Bol Experiment


Disclaimer. Don't try this at home and bitch about the results. I knew the risks and ignored them.

So I tryed a 5 mgs dose of dbol 4 times just before workouts. I wanted to see if I would have any ill effects. Just to make the fear of unknowns go away. Its kind of silly but I was curious since never trying it. I feel fine and not shutdown. No itchy nipples or crying at silly things.

The thing I am curious about is the good feelings I get from dbol. I felt for the first time in a long time sure of myself. Confident. Full of vitality and energy. It was like a monster was locked safely inside me but I was in complete control(if that makes any sense at all). I had the tunes cranked and I was dancing around about my house for the next couple hours. Just feeling absolutely awesome.

Ohh as for the workout. Absolutely great. Its like your a train rumbling down the track in a great mood. Ready for more a few seconds after a set. I could breath really freely. I busted my ass off. But it felt like an ok load on the work outs. And later on I was ready for round 2.
Great pumps. They lasted for a bit longer then normal. And I slept good those nights. Felt fine the next day.

Does everyone get that from Dbol? I am absolutely in love with this drug.

FYI I do have lower then average test according to blood work.


I always found Dianabol to be a feel-good steroid in a unique way. Not as a dramatic effect, but nice.


All that from 4 separate daily doses of 5 mg? Wow!! I loved dbol on my first 4 week run 3 x 10mg/d. I guess somewhere in the vicinity of what you are describing. I did one bunk round (1 week only) recently and discontinued when I didn't feel any positive effects after 1 week. It actually soured my mood and made me antisocial. It was probably not dbol at all. I have a good batch of 5mg thai pinks which I am about to add next week (3 x 10mg/d) to the 700mg test e I started last week. I hope mine have the same effect as I haven't tested out this batch yet.


Yes I am another that loves the 'extras' that dbol provides. It's a great drug at the right dose.


Yeah a buddy of mine said he got grumpy and antisocial from dbol. Which I found amazing. But that is what he claimed. With me it was the opposite. I was outwardly social and happy and upbeat. Strange.

I asked another friend about this and he has about 15 years experience in the AAS area. He said everyone pretty much is different. Kind of like women that need to find the right birth control pill. Same goes with AAS. He also said he seen the same people one time not like a drug and then come back to it years later and it works wonders for them.


My guess is (well I pretty much know it is the case in at least one instance) that in addition to the known property of cross-interaction with corticosteroid receptors, there can be neurosteroid type activity as well.

The case in which I have pretty good basis to consider it true is from the parent steroid of A7-E (17b-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-onem, or so-called 1-testosterone) being capable of causing depression in many individuals, myself most certainly included, when seriously effective levels are achieved. Pre-production MAG-10 in fact caused me black depression, which just wasn't going to do for the final product.

Fortunately I'd mentioned to a friend previously that excessive allopregnanolone (a neurosteroid) activity can be a cause of depression, and he suggested back to me that perhaps that was what was happening here.

Also fortunately I knew that pregnenolone antagonizes allopregnanolone activity, and so therefore if this theory were right, pregnenolone could fix pre-release MAG-10's horrible depression problem.

Which it did. Had absolutely zero such negative effect on me and that was a complaint I never once heard about the product.

So anyway I think that that one steroid anyway does, as an unintended side effect, have a neurosteroid activity.

It could be that methandrostenolone (Dianabol) also has some type of neurosteroid activity. I wouldn't know what, however. Never really thought about it and certainly didn't look into it.

But it certainly is the case for many that it has a mood effect that can't be attributed simply to androgen activity.


Yeah.. the first AAS i tried back in 1998/9 was Diamabol (like most) and i loved it then, energy, libido, mood, pumps, muscle, strength, confidence.. the lot.
My last two runs with it have been disappointing to say the least - the strength and muscle are there.. but the pumps are painful, energy is low, libido unaffected for the most part, confidence (is always high actually.. ;D) unaffected.. i guess the worst points were the pumps - which i attribbute to having around 70lb more muscle these days from then, and the energy levels - which i have no clue about..

I will come back to dbol in a cycle or two - and i will use it at 20-30mg/day instead of 40mg.




I have found a new "super D-bol".....D-bol with proviron...yes folks !!


Whats that do for yah. You can't say you found something and then just say I found it! Give us some detail on how it makes you feel and what bad or good things you can say about how it treats you.