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Little cycle

What do you guys think of a short cycle of oxandrin & winstrol (oral). im a fighter and i would like to gain about 5-10 lbs and increase my strength. i dont want to use any injectables.what kind of results would this give and what dosage and length would be best. this would be a 1 time thing.also would i have to follow this up with hcg or something else.

Not wanting to use any injectables, while wanting to use steroids, is like saying you want to be in the Army but you don’t want to wear those boots, you want to wear bunny slippers… you want to get clean for a date but you don’t want to use soap… you want to get good grades in school but you don’t want to have to open any books.

I would revise your thinking here and check other articles and Forum posts on the website.

Your goal could be accomplished with orals only but it would be more liver toxic than necessary. Also far more expensive than necessary.