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Little Cycle Help?


Guys I am looking for some help. My goals are to loss a few pounds and put on a few lbs of muscle I can keep (I am over 30). I have the following gear and want to put together the safest cycle possible. I do not want to use all the stuff at once.

  1. 15ml
    Test 50 mg/ml
    test propionate 100 mg/ml
    test phenylproprionate 150 mg/ml

  2. 15ml
    Test 25 mg/ml
    test propionate 50 mg/ml
    test phenylproprionate 80 mg/ml
    Test Isocaporate 110 mg/ml
    Test cyp 115 mg/ml
    Test enanthate 120 mg/ml

  3. 15 ml
    Test Isocaporate 100 mg/ml
    Test cyp 100 mg/ml
    Test enanthate 100 mg/ml

  4. 15 ml
    Nandrolone 100 mg/ml
    Nandrolone Phynylpropionat

20 20 mg Nolv
25 30 mg clomid

Thanks for the help


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those are some interesting test blends. as bushy mentioned....we need more details.


Yes. Each vial contains 15ml of the blend as listed.

Test and Nandrolone are non ester versions (at least according to the vials).



either use blend 1 or blend 3.

with the 1st blend of short acting esters i'd personaly do 30 days of 1/2 cc (ml) ED. a solid, aggressive shorty with the mix you have. it works out to 1050 mg of test per week. HOWEVER,if that dosage is too outrageous for you. you could always try out 1/2 cc (ml) EOD for maybe 6 weeks. that would work just fine aswell. PCT 4 days after last shot.

with the 3rd blend of long acting tests....you could just do 1 cc (ml) every monday and thursday. 600 mg test/week for 7 1/2 weeks. PCT could start on week 10.


How would you suggest running the PCT. Thanks for the help. I want you guys to know that I did research this stuff before asking but the blends are really wierd. I am interested in why you did not use the nandrolone?


you could throw it in (the nandrolone) with the fast acting tests. maybe 1/2 cc EOD with your test blend at 1/2cc EOD for 6 weeks.


Last question (thanks for all the help). How should I use the PCT stuff I have.