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Little Conjugate, Little Strongman

Thanks man, I look forward to it

Week 6 Day 3 DE Lower (sort of)

Kind of hijacked this workout a little bit . .

12x1 Deadlifts @295 + bands (wanted to do 15 singles but I just put together my power rack and rigged up bands to the pegs and realized after the first rep that I made the band tension waaayyyyy too heavy, so I smashed 12 singles with as much intensity as I could)

50ft 200lb sandbag carry and then run back and do arm-over-arm pull; 3 sets at this weight then I did 2 sets at 150lb . . crazy good bicep pump after that

2-50ft yoke runs @255lb
2-50ft yoke runs @345lb
4-50ft yoke runs @405lb

the yoke kept slipping off my back at the top weight so I used my arms to ‘hold’ the yoke up on my back instead of pulling in on the uprights . . is that a no-no or ok?

Week 6 Day 4 DE Upper

12x2 Axle Strict Press EMOM @125 + chains

3x10 Dips + 45lbs

3x12 Lateral raises
3x15 Band pull-aparts

for the next six weeks of this program I think I’m going to substitute ME bench press for strongman event days . . strongest lift right now is bench so I’d like to some effort into other things I care about more

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Week 7 Day 1 ME Lower

Giant set:
1x 200lb sandbag over yoke (52”) x8
Front squat: 3x95, 3x135, 3x175, 1x205, 1x235, 1x265, 1x295, 1x315, 0x335 (barely got out of the hole, don’t think I was braced hard enough)
:45 sec plank x8

1x200lb sandbag over yoke x3
Front squat: 3x5 @245
:35 sec plank + 25lbs x3

no assistance as I was gassed . . really starting to love sandbag over yoke/bar; going to upgrade to a 250lb version soon

Week 7 Day 2 ME Upper

Giant set:

3x NG chins
3x NG chins + 25lbs
3x NG chins + 45lbs x2
3x NG chins + 65lbs
3x NG chins + 80lbs x2

3x Log press @85lbs
3x Log press @105lbs
3x Log press @135lbs
1x Log press @160lbs
1x Log press @185lbs
1x Log press @205lbs
1x Log press @220lbs
0x Log press @235lb (just missed the lockout)

Axle Overhead side-bends x8 each set

5x5 NG chins + 45lbs
5x3 Log press @175lbs

Assistance Giant set:
10 NG chins w/pause at top
12 Lateral raises
15 Banded tri pushdowns
12 Band pull-aparts
3 total sets

this workout ended up running a little longer than I wanted so I didn’t even rest between the assistance sets . . pretty happy with the log as I’m still relatively inexperienced with it; I think if I run it solely for my press next training cycle I can make some good progress with it

That session looks like a challenge, love the work keep it up

Thanks man, appreciate it.

Another question for ya; how do you cycle your assistance work? I haven’t been real consistent with mine, it’s been a mix of strongman stuff and whatever assistance I feel like for that day but still focusing on weak points

Week 7 Day 3 DE Lower

12x2 SSB Box squat (14”) EMOM @175lbs + purple bands

15 Singles of Sumo DL @275 w/40 sec rest

6x 75ft Farmer Carries @210 per hand
1x 150ft Farmer Carry @180 per hand

There has been some debate about rotating your assistance work as much as I do. Currently I am still working through the different variation of assistance I like and what will work. I tend to cycle it every two weeks to keep it fun and different and always keeps the muscles guessing.

how did you find the 15 singles?

I think I’m going to rotate assistance after 3 weeks, try to hone it on what’s helping me and what’s not

Definitely like the 15 singles on deadlift, going to stick with that for quite awhile

Week 7 Day 4

was supposed to do this workout last night but beers and bonfires and friends took precedent so I hit a short one this morning

10x3 Strict press EMOM @95lbs + chains (they add about 45lbs at the top)

3x10 Dips + 55lbs

3x12 Banded tricep pushdowns w/ last set taken to failure

Week 8 Day 1 ME Lower

Giant set:
1x Sandbag over shoulder each set
Paused DL below knee
1x 435
1x 455
1x 475 PR!
5x Dragon flags each set

3x3 Paused DL @385
5x Dragon flags each set

3x8 SSB Good mornings @175
3x10 Reverse hypers @180

watched a video of myself and my hips are shooting up just a little bit at the start of the pull; if I can teach myself to wedge my hips under the bar in stead of essentially pulling with all back, I’ll be well above 500 in no time

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ME Upper Strongman version

Zercher Yoke carry
4x 50ft @166lb
2x 50ft @ 216lb
2x 50ft @ 266lb
2x 50ft @ 306lb
2x 50ft @ 346lb
1x 50ft @ 376lb

Upper Assistance
Floor press 3x8 @225
NG pull-ups 2x6 + 70lb, 2x8 + 35lb
Lateral raises 3x10
Banded face-pulls 3x15

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took an unexpected hiatus as I’m dealing with a stomach bug . . still not 100% but I mentally just couldn’t take any more days off of training

DE Lower

12x2 SSB Box squat (14”) EMOM @195 + purple bands

15x1 Sumo DL @285 w/40 sec rest

8x Barbell rows @225
8x SLDL @245
3 total sets

how did it feel to get the first session in?

Felt good, 4 days off felt like an eternity . . we’re in the process of moving though so I was able to stay somewhat busy. Definitely felt nauseous when I was done, I blame it on the fact that all those exercises required hard bracing

DE Upper

10x3 Strict press EMOM @105 + chains
5 blue band pull-aparts between each set

3x10 Dips + 70lbs

x10 NG pull-ups + 45lbs
x8 Incline bench press @185
x20 banded tricep pushdowns
3 total sets