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Little Conjugate, Little Strongman

Week 5 Day 2 ME Upper

Giant set:
Wide-grip pull-ups 3x25lbsx2, 3x35lbs, 3x45lbs, 3x55lbsx2
Push press 3x95, 3x135, 3x165, 3x185, 3x210, 3x225
Full contact twist 5x each side x6

Wide-grip pull-ups 3x5 + 35lbs
Push press 3x5 @185
Landmine twists 3x12

10x Incline DB press @90lbs
10x Dips + 45lbs
3 total sets

3x25 cable face pulls @60lbs

how have you found your training so far?

Going well, I really like this style of training as opposed to higher rep stuff; feel like I can train with so much more intensity. I know I’m only 5 weeks in but at 31 y/o I’ve never felt stronger . . excited for the second half of this program.

Week 5 Day 3 DE Lower

8x3 Deadlifts EMOM @275 + bands

8x3 SSB box squat @185 + bands

10x Hip thrusts @225
10x Zercher squats @185
3 rounds

3x10 Reverse hypers @180

How do you feel about doing the 8x3 on deadlifts comparable to 15 singles @60%?

you mean 15 singles with straight weight or with bands?

both?? I know I have done it with both and have been toying with the triples idea and was wondering your thoughts.

I’ve never run conjugate style training prior to this so I can’t comment on singles but I like the idea of triples, if for no other reason, than to get more total reps in

Week 5 Day 4 DE Upper

8x3 Close-grip bench EMOM @185 + bands
supersetted w/5 banded face pulls

8x3 Axle Z press EMOM @130

4x8 bent-over rows @205

couldn’t OHP outside with chains as it was raining; won’t be a problem when we move here next month and I have a big garage . . right shoulders a little achy after this one, slightly concerned

true, send me a PM because I can share my book collection about it

I can’t figure out how to do that . . I’m not the most technology-literate guy haha

Week 6 Day 1 ME Lower

Giant set:
5 KB swings x6
Sumo DL: 3x135, 3x225, 3x315, 3x365, 3x415, 3x445
5 Dragon flags x6

3x5 Sumo DL @355

Sandbag over 52” bar - 5 total reps w/200lb (first time ever doing these and they were ugly at this weight) & 8 total reps w/150lb

3x12 Reverse hyper @180

still need to really hammer my deadlift speed off the floor!

felt a little sluggish today; may need a deload week after this week

yeah, I don’t think there is that option also tried to share my email on here and they removed the post possibly.

So most of the time in WSBB on the DE Lower day they tend to do singles on DL to build stronger explosive power from more first reps. so the thinking behind it from what I gather is that it allows me to have 15 strong explosive singles versus 8.

If you have the chance try and get a copy of the Book of methods from westside

I like that, I’ll use that these next 6 weeks as opposed to triples especially since my weakness is off the floor . . thanks man!

so I DL conventional and so far this was my last couple of DE session variations which I have used the same 60% for

1.Comp DL
2. Deficit DL
3. Sumo DL
4.Comp DL with a purple band
5. Overhand Grip

The workaround is to put it in your profile

Notsomuch a workaround, it’s simply longstanding forum policy to not have e-mails or phone numbers (yes, it’s happened before) in forum posts. The About Me section of your profile is where you can put info about you - e-mail, social media pages, etc.

PMs haven’t been part of the forum for several years.

so do you vary your DE work every week? do you also vary your ME work then as well? on this program I’ve been doing the same main lift for every DE day but varying the ME work

Week 6 Day 2 ME Upper

Giant set:
BB rows: 3x135, 3x185, 3x225, 3x255, 3x275
Swiss bar bench: 3x135, 3x185, 3x225, 3x255, 3x275
Med ball twists x20x5
Band pull-aparts x5x5

BB rows: 5x3 @275
Bench: 5x3 @225
Med ball twists x20x5
Band pull-aparts x5x5

Overhead Yoke carries: 2-50ft runs @170, 2-50ft runs @210, 2-50ft runs @240

Zercher Yoke carries: 2-50ft runs @240, 2-50ft runs @290, 2-50ft runs @310

played it real conservative on the max effort bench work as I had no spotter and shoulders still not 100% . . felt good on rows though so I kept the volume at the same top-end weight

might take the rest of the week off and start the next 6 weeks of working up to a 1RM on Saturday


Sorry for the late reply, wanted to get to it sooner but work commitments turned my life into train eat sleep work and repeat with no relaxation.

I always do bench on DE Upper day and on DE Lower I always have a squat and DL variation.

3 week wave cycle


DE Upper
wk1 Bench+band @ 50%
wk2 Bench+band @ 55%
wk3 Bench+band @ 60%

For Bench I tend to do three separate cycles before using my new Max %'s

DE Lower
This become more of a pain in the ass than anything as I will do a 3 week cycle on a particular squat bar then the following week will be a new bar and %'s. For DL’s I rotate between couple different variations for x weeks then will use the new Max and %'s but stay with the 15 singles.

Squat Cycle
1.Regular Bar
3. Cambared …ect

DL Rotation
Defict DL
Comp DL
Comp w/band

I am working on my year 1 training breakdown for more details and will tag you in it.