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Little Bro 60.4kg


bw 60.4kg
69 : Equal training PB

85: Equal Comp PB
87: +2kg PB
89: +4kg PB

69/89 : 158

His bw is up 5.4kg from the start of the year and his lifts are up 10kg on each lift, he still has 2 comps for the rest of the year. He'll break 70/90 imo.

Some training footage 6 days after the comp.


Your brother already has better form than I do :frowning:


on his last jerk he look quite a bit like your avatar


Strong kid. To be brutally honest I was expecting him to be a little faster under the bar, but then I saw he's 15, and realized I'm being a nitpicky asshole. He should have a good future in the sport.


He's been training for about 4yrs now...the past 3yrs 3x a week. So he has a lot of hrs training.

He does need to be faster under the bar to be up there with the Elite lifters. I think he'll snatch 2x bw over the next his lifting life if he sticks with it. He looks slower under the bar because he extends really well but yeah there is a lag between his full extension and his receive position.

It'll be really interesting to see how his lift go up over the next few years.



very explosive dude... I could hear the bar racketing




Very nice first pull, but more importantly a very solid Chea fist pump. Good work Koing.


Great stuff! How tall is he? I think some of the perceived "slowness" is due to his build


He's 5'6, he's gotten a lot taller (4inches) over the past 10months and added 5kg to his bw.

He is a bit slow but only because he really finishes his 2nd pull really well. Just look at the maximum height of the bar relative to his receieve position. The less the bar drops the better, obviously not at the expense of not finishing the pull!



I guess it's just his frame that makes him look slightly lanky.

I think his 3rd pull speed will catch up with time. Most 15 year olds are trying to learn how to handle their bodies let alone doing an greater than bodyweight snatch!

Great work with your bro and it's great to see a family sharing the passion.


Getting really fast under the bar just takes experience and time.

Yesterday he front squat 105kg for a double :slight_smile:



Now that's good work. As the squat goes up so does the clean. Exciting to see someone shatter PRs almost every time they step in the door.


Yeah man. I think he was at 56/75 at the start of the year or so? It's in his training book so I'll check but he's getting 10kg year on year or more.

It'll be interesting over the next 3-5yrs+ to see how his lifts scale.