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Little Black Book?

Hey guys, i’ve been lurking here at T-Nation for a while now and I remember an article from a while back about Mr. Thibadeau writing a “Black Book of Training Secrets”. So I was just looking around on the site for a link to purchase this book, but the only links i can find don’t go anywhere. Is this book still available or did i miss out?

come on, someone here has to know something about this.

Ask Christian himself.

I never remember the book being available from the T-Nation store, I always thought you had to go to Thibs himself.

Try John Berardi’s site. There’s a link on there to somewhere to buy it, though I’m not sure whether that link is current or not, I’ve never tried to use it.

You can still purchase CT’s “Black Book of Training Secrets” at service@biotestedge.com.

Hope that helps!

Definitely recommend buying the book. The information is great if you’re looking to improve strength and power.