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Little Bitch Alert


I know I am being a little bitch and I need to man the fuck up, but here it goes. I play soccer, I am a goalkeeper. I am probably one the best goalkeepers I my age in the whole country. Not because I am that great in my technique, simply because I can jump a lot and have really fast reflexes. The problem is that I am not sure if I am ready to go through all the crap this stupid sprot requires. For instance, I don't play in the team I am currently in, just because I am young. WTF? I am by far the best of all the 4 of us, by a huge difference. I have been told that by half of my teammates and it is visible in every motherfucking practise.

All of that aside, our practises suck big hairy balls. No specific drills for us the goalkeepers whatsoever. My technique is my weak point, it is what is holding me back. I need to work on it, but I need a coach with me. Or even just another human to throw the ball at me correctly. But when I am at our stupid practises, I don't have time for this. And the other 3 guys are bored as fuck. Jeez, they are almost 10 years older than me, they can't play professionally. What the fucking flying fuck should I do?

Currently unfortunately, I can't afford to pay a goalkeeping coach to train me. Hopefully by next month I will have a job as a PT and will be able to do that. And on top of that, my mother is being toxic. You wont play soccer if you act like that and all that crap. THey judge me for my passion with weights, because I am the heaviest at team by 20 pounds, but they forget that outsprint and outjump them all by a mile. What the fuck should I do? When I workout alone, I feel like I am doing something. When I am with the team, I feel like stupid, cause I know that nothing I am doing there is getting me anywhere near what I want, my carreer. /endranting and bitching


Stopped reading at "I play soccer".


x2, not reading a gay wall of text about soccer


Find another team.

What else can you do?


Just get your head down, train hard and show your worth to the team.

Win through your actions.

You'll eventually get your chance.

Good luck mate.


Is this the racist guy again? fun.


Hi buddy,
I know how you feel to be stuck in a team that does not harbour the training philosophies as yourself.
Is it possible to find another team? A team with goalkeeper coaches?

Maybe you should take the initative, and while the team is training with their skill specific drills, you and the other 3 keepers should go off and do some specific goalkeeper training?

These days, even the more amateur clubs have specific goalkeeping training, so Im thinking you should look around for another team if possible.



^no idea, but I do admire the honest Thread Title.
Because I'll be damn it is correct.


Oh yeah, I am! Since jesse (?) left, someone had to take his place...


Any possibility to get a trial for Panathinaikos, Olympiakos or any other big team with strong football schools?

  1. Quit soccer.

  2. Buy a new tablecloth (one without flowers)

  3. Sit back and watch life improve.



Dude, we're talking about Soccer? Soccer? (said in allen iverson voice)


I wonder if all the soccer haters have actually ever played an official game of it, just so you can feel, in your own body, how much beating you can get.


I have and I'll two up you with football and wrestling. Soccer was a sin my parents made me play between other youth sports to keep me busy and away from my bb gun. It's a prima donna hot mess.


I mean they cry bloody Mary and throw flags around like Halloween candy if you look at some one funny.



By the way. Why do people in the USA call football soccer?
I swear football is the one where you kick the ball about with your foot ! :stuck_out_tongue:


We all know you cool brah but really, STFU. Play a match at a semi high level and I'll see you on the floor crying like a little bitch for air, either that or because someone kicked you in the shins/ankles. The problem is not the sport , the problem is that here in America people belittle the sport. Go to South America or Europe and play in the streets and not in some capitalist based "little league" where all they want is mommy's money to keep the little spoil brat busy for a few hours a week.


I picked a few things out of this that are food for (your) thought.

First, you called your sport "stupid" which makes me question your commitment. And I say, if you're not committed, why bother? If you're playing recreationally, then why are you so upset? If you have aspirations to play professionally, then it is up to you to be disciplined and self-directed in how you address your specific needs for development. Coaching is the same everywhere in many sports - it's bad. I'm not hearing the same "passion" you just expressed for the weights when it comes to soccer.

Decide if this is your passion and if you're willing to do the things and make the sacrifices to pursue it. It's not yet a "man the fuck up" issue, it's a "what the fuck do you want issue". If you DO want to play soccer professionally or university, well then yes, "man the fuck up" and get down to the business of being an athlete.


Prima donna hot mess? What kind of soccer were you playing?

Because when I played soccer, I remember playing at 8 am, with 5º C against oversized lumberjack's children who "played" trying to chop off my legs with their tackles.
Then, when I was going to throw from the side, the "gentlemen" behind me would speak softly and tenderly about my mom and how they would rape her if I dared to score.
Is it raining? Ah no, this central defender is spitting me non-stop trying to provoke me.

Really, all this "diving" stuff happens once or twice per game, but you'll be hit quite hard. It's a contact sport and everybody goes with everything for each ball.


Look at all these "prima donnas" faking injuries.....