Little Bit of Soreness after First Quad Pin

first pin of test e seemingly went great. very little pain going in, very little blood, but today, the day after my quad is sore. its not unbearable, but i would not have been able to get a leg day in if I wanted to today. I am supposed to have a leg day tomorrow, but im guessing i am gonna be too sore tomorrow as well. I am pinning every 3 days so should i just plan my leg day for every third day right before my pin? i prefer quads just for ease of access, I dont feel comfortable pinning me glutes as its hard for me to get both hands on there to asperate if I try to hit my glute. Honestly everything about pinning the quad was a breeze, just the soreness might make me have to work my leg days around that. I guess if Im still sore on the third day I’ll have no choice but to pin the glute, but id rather not have too.

also I am pinning 250mg(1ml) every 3 days and plan to rotate quads.

thanks for any insight!

Virgin muscle = pip. It’ll get better with time

A lot of people have issues with enth. I am one of them. Lights my ass up

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Pin ventrogluteal with a 25g. Easy peezy. Aspirating is also unnecessary and isn’t advocated in the medical field anymore.

But as @wanna_be pointed out, wherever you pin for the first few times will be sore since it’s virgin muscle.

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