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Little Advice.....

Ok, here’s what I need some help with. My brother has put on a lot of weight over the past couple of years. Ive been trying to get him to workout with me forever, but actually had started to give up on that idea. Then the other day he came to me and asked me to set up a workout routine for him shed some fat. He actually seems pretty hyped about it, so I wanna get right on it. He’s never really worked out before, was a good athlete in high school, but hasnt done anything for the past 5 years. What do you guys think would be a good routine for him? Should I ease him into it, or go right at it to show him results faster? Would you guys suggest a renegade training style? Any ideas you guys could give me would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Read ''Dawg School: The Beginners Blast Off Program", if you haven’t yet. That should give you a good idea on what to do for your friend. Introduce him to T-Mag and have him do some reading/researching for himself. Read any/all of Dawg School, FAQ, etc.

Personally, I wouldn't do anything drastic for the first sessions. Even after 5-years, it may be somewhat overwhelming for him. You said that he "never really worked out before" - so he still needs to learn about proper form/technique as well as basic lifts. Create a foundation on which he could use later on when creating his own routines.

It depends on his attitude, his experience and commitment to this goal. If he is somewhat of a quitter, give him an under achieving program. I did this for my wife since she had no experience in weight training or sports. I started her off with the kettlebell/dumbbell swins from Coach Davies VIP program, jumping rope and his non weighted GPP( I would like to have gotten her doing farmers walks with dumbbells but no go). This got her moving with more body weight work threshold increasing exercises. She still had pain but less than expected. I did that for a month 3 circuits of Dbell swings 3 rounds of jumping rope 2 sets of GPP working up to three or four. Then got her into Fat to fire by Coach Davies.
This worked well since we could workout at home and the workout was done in under 45 mins( very important for her)
Circuit Training offers arguably the best bang for the buck ( weights done one after the other = somewhat of a cardio workout too)esp if you alternate upper body and lower body front to back, that way no one area gets excessive lactic acid build up( the burn).
Yes I would recommend Renegade Training. He will get amazing results coupled with the T-dawg diet. if you use the Fat to Fire program do 2-3 sets of the circuits and work up to the 6 sets for “under achieving”. If the pain won’t deter him go all out.

I wouldn’t recommend going renegade on him to start out, he’d probably swear of training all together after a session! I second Patricia’s opinion on the blast off training, and have him read up on it. I made a page for newbies who talked with me. www.geocities.com/ d_d_kuhl/dklifting.html That should help him out with some good articles, including the dawg schools which are very informing.

I would think that the basic things are most effective. If he is athletic, then I would stick with the compound movements. The nutrition part of it will be more important for him to learn. Its probably best to start with that.