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Little Advice with Bench

i am 17 i weigh 145 and i bench 230 as of last summer which was the last time i tested i wanna reach 250 by some where by the end of the school year so i need sum advice cause ive started 2 plateau for my chest

i do regular incline and decline with sets of 8,6,4,2 for each and then i do butterflys 4 sets of ten and then dips 3 sets of 10 with 30lbs o and for tries id do 3 other exercises about 3 sets of 10 or 20 on each depending on the exercise so any advice 2 get my bench back up

i mean i have played football the last 5 years and with my 3 years on varsity especially this year my senior year i had one of the biggest benchs we had as wide receiver/ olb there was only about 4 linemen that were in front of me so ive been known i guees as being pretty strong but since football end the kids that are playing next year are back in the gym training with me again

and as i seem 2 not being able 2 gain anymore every1 else is finally shooting the weight right up i use 2 just bench for chest and nothing else before this year and now i cant seem to gain anything so any advice please i really need to start gaining again

It is called punctuation…Use it…Just messin with you bro.

Have you looked up any of Waterbury’s workouts on here yet? I bet if you were using something like a 10X3 program, you would start to see strength gains again.

Why are you so concerned about your bench for football though? You should be concentrating more on your squats, deads, and cleans.

You’re 145 pounds. Eat more. Gain muscle and your bench will go up.

have a go at floor presses there ment to help through the sticking point of the bench press

Stop working in thr 20 rep range, thats not gonna help your strength.

so what reps should i do?

right now im doin 8 of 165 6 reps of 175 4 reps of 185 and 2 of 195 it use 2 be more but i was sick for a while and wasn’t able to train before i got sick it was 8 0f 175 6 of 185 4 of 195 2 of 205 n then from there i would ethier turn the last set of 2 into 4 so i would wind up doing 215 as my last set but some days i would just keep going until i had put up at least 225 after my workout

Ever heard of West side 4 skinny bastards?



Do you have legs?

yes i have legs wat kind of question is that wat u mean do i wrk legs

i do squats reps 8,6,4,2 i max out at like 310

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Ever heard of West side 4 skinny bastards? [/quote]


5/3/1 is another program to look into. I know a guy that plays football that really likes the program. And, the amount of success people are having with it is unreal.

This guy doesn’t need a new workout, he needs a cheeseburger.

[quote]Gmoore17 wrote:
You’re 145 pounds. Eat more. Gain muscle and your bench will go up.[/quote]

[quote]mr popular wrote:
This guy doesn’t need a new workout, he needs a cheeseburger.[/quote]

OP, these are the only two posts you should be reading and paying attention to.

ok thnks i go back 2 lifting again 2morrow depending on the snow if i can get in my school 2 lift so ill post back wit any gains

dude, you wont notice any gains in one day
just eat loads more when i’m trying to put on more mass i eat upwards of 5k calories a day, and thats with me just breaking 305lbs.

eat loads even if you dont feel like it
train well as the other poster said try floor presses

Stay strong,
Sr Joker

ok i didnt mean like 2morrow id have huge gains id meant like when i start seeing gains lol but ok i gotta put on weight thanks

Getting a stronger bench would be the least of my worries if I were you. I would be worried if my fragile 145 pounds frame could handle getting tackled by 200+ pounds guys. EAT!