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Little Advice on my Split


Hey im planning on undergoing a workout routine I constructed and thought i should run it through tnation and see if there was anyway it could be improved somewhat.

im currently 18, have been training for just over a year and i weigh 178lbs at around 15% bodyfat
My goals for this program is to try and gain size, and i hope to undergo using it after a further few weeks of cutting just to lower the bodyfat a little more
I know the diet is obviously the key to gaining size, but no doubt a quality program is essential. Let me know what you think

here goes:
Monday: Chest/Back
A1. Guillotine Press (I have a spotter) 4x8-12
A2. Pull-ups 4x8-12
B1: Incline DB Press 3x8-12
B2: BB Row 3x8-12
C1: DB fly 3x8-12
C2: DB chest supported row

Tuesday: Legs
A. Squat 4x8-12
B. DB Split squat 3x8-12
C. Romanian Deadlift 4x8-12
Ab circuit

Wensday: Shoulders/Traps
A. Seated BB Press 4x8-12
B. Seated DB Press 3x8-12
C1. Lateral raise 3x8-12
C2: Rear Delt fly 3x8-12
D. DB Shrug

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Deadlift/ Arms
A1. Weighted Dips 4x8-12
A2. Close grip Chins 4x8-12
B1. DB extensions 3x8-12
B2. BB curl 3x8-12
C. Deadlift 4x6-10

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
BTW the gym i go to is only open monday-friday unfortunately