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Literature An Important Part of My Life

When I absorb a great book there is nothing like it alongside lifting weights. My inclination in life is to be an intellectual foremost and like most sophmore intellectuals our general disposition is to be focused more in the mind then the body. Overcoming this barrier has been the main ingredient in feeling more whole in myself.

So whats the point of this? as a beginner weight lifter learning the science and art of building muscle is still for me in an experimental stage of development. So this is kind of like homework for me I am reading right now the autobiography of Pierre Elliot Trudeau Volume 1: The Magnificent Obsession that has won the Goverenr Generals Literary award in Canada.

And its the shit.


Thanks for your heartfelt and endearing post

I just finished Ham On Rye by Charles Bukowski and it’s fucking hilarious.

Jack man books from the beat generation kick ass, have you ever heard of William S. Burroughs. (Shit gotta run) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is a PHENOMEONAL BOOK a lot better then William S. Burroughs by miles if you want to try on for size check out Atls Shrugged as opposed to William S. Burroughs whos int he same genre of the beat generation that your reading at the moment.


‘On The Road’ put me off that beat shit tbh mate. Read ‘Junky’ by Burroughs but that about it. Not really my bag daddy - o. I’ll check out that book you recommended.

I read quite a bit, but outside of my English class [intro to fiction] it’s all historical, [auto]biographical or documentary stuff. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like I’m learning if it’s fiction, which doesn’t make sense if you know my 'cause I hate school. Sam Clemens said it best though, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

The best book i’ve read in a while has to be American Tabloid by James Ellroy. I seriously recommend you read it if you ever get the chance.

Dude, I wish you would quit posting here. Every thread I’ve seen you start is about how you dropped the ball and haven’t lifted in months. Now you’re comparing weight lifting to reading books, saying “there is nothing like it.”

You’ve been here for 5 years and somehow the art and science of building muscle is still new to you.

You don’t lift weights. Get over it. Get a new hobby. Get a new website.

[quote]sanik wrote:
And its the shit.



I thought that was funny; you know, because you read so much and stuff.