Literal Weakness & Training

So after a lot of fuck-around-itis, I recently discovered Mythical Strength and after consuming most of his written material decided to finally man up and just ‘do something’.

I’m probably what you would call an avid program hopper, or hopefully ‘used to be’. For this most recent iteration, I intend to do a back-to-basics 5/3/1 Boring but big run. As close to the book as possible, no deviations - its meant to be BORING but big after all.

My general guideline I am following is something like this;

Sunday - Bench day
Monday - Conditioning
Tuesday - Squat day
Wednesday - Conditioning
Thursday - Press day
Friday - Conditioning
Saturday - Deadlift day.

Conditioning will simply be Jim’s easier option of 2 mile walks, and while this is slightly less than what he recommends (4 days per week) as I’m coming back after a lay off Ill keep it this way until I feel like I can do something after a workout and then add that in.

To keep this simple, here was my first day yesterday!

Bench Day
Bench press: 5x70%, 5x80%, 5+ x90% (7 reps hit)
Bench press: 5x10 @ 60%

Cable row: 5x10 @ 40kg

Triceps: 100 reps (Using ~20RM)

Simple, to the point, got me moving and hurting again.

Many of us have been program hoppers.

Some of us have never really programmed at all.

There are a couple very impressive folks here that currently “wing it” more often than they work on a structured plan. The most important ingredient will be getting into the gym and doing work several days a week for an extended period of time, while eating enough quality food to support your efforts.

Welcome, good to have you, and keep logging and asking questions.

Yea, I hear that! Thats why I went ‘back to basics’ just to try and take some of the damn thinking out of it. Much easier when you can just get in and get out after hitting some simple stuff - boring but big seemed apt.

Tonights session will look like this.

Squat, 5’s week. (70/80/90%)

Leg press 5x10 (I find these easier to do volume on that squats, especially due to previous knee issues)

DB RDL 5x10 (Hammies + Indirect back work)

Curls - 30% body weight for 50 reps.

In and out, aim for <1 hour.