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Literal River of Human Blood


More fun in Iraq

I lost count of the head shots...


I only see one of two choices in Iraq.

  1. Leave it alone and see what happens

  2. Containment

By containment I mean, draw a line in the sand at Iraqi Kurdistan and say you go and be crazy over there on the other side of the line.

If we actually got drawn in to the civil war we would essentially become jihadis for one side or the other. But if we can't influence the events and control the outcome then we're risking WWIII - it could quickly spread and involve China in the Pacific and Russia etc.

It's good to be alive in interesting times as they say.


Give the Kurds a handful of nuclear warheads then do 1)



Bolton is straight-up Dr. Strangelove, for sure.


If I'm not mistaken, the Kurds might be the only group we don't provide arms to in the entire region.


Yet they are
-the only faction in the area who really need/want something from us.
-the only faction that remotely ressemble a nation.

But since it's more and more "yugoslavia all over again", I could bet that,in twenty years or so every faction in the area will have its micro- or pseudo-state... except the Kurds.


Here is my idea: stop fighting for any idea or for any group. Don't associate with a group, a country or a religion, never. Mind your own business.
If you live in these countries, do the same and get weapons. If anyone come at you from any group and threatens you, defend yourself (kill them).

Maybe I am not realistic, but why didn't these people run and fight if they knew they were going to get killed anyway?


Why does everybody--and I mean everybody--just shit on the Kurds? Did the Kurds fuck everybody's mother at some point?


Think about Sykes-Picot and the position of the Persian Empire at end of WWI.

Try Fromkin, A Peace to End All Peace.

The Kurds are scattered through the book, as they are through history and geography.