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Liszt's Quest To DL A Piano

Hey fellow ladies of T-Nation,
Just a beginner deciding to delurk after a lot of things happened.

A little about myself…

I’m a premed student who also happens to adore playing piano and lifting weights. I’ve played piano for about 12 years now and I’ve been lifting for…well, just a year and a half now. At first I wasn’t so sure about making a log but after breaking up so suddenly after four years of a stable relationship, I need a little extra stuff to keep myself occupied until I get over it. So that’s pretty much the gist on why it took me this long to think of starting a log after lurking and creeping around the forums for months, ahaha.

Current Physical Stats
Age: 19
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 164 lb

Current 1RMs (lbs)
Bench: 155
Squat: 225
Deadlift: 275
OHP: 95

As you can see, my overhead press is just terrible, since only until now have I realized that I’ve been doing it wrong all this time. Specifically I realized my range of motion was total shit last week, so that’s something I really wanna work on.

My current training style is something like a higher volume Push/Pull/Leg split, done over five days with two days for conditioning. Goes something like ABC_AB_CAB_CA_… thing, with underscores being rest/conditioning days. I’ll talk more about it in my log entries later, so I’ll keep this part brief for now.

As for goals, I pretty much just wanna be strong and look it too, kinda like what Konstantin Konstantinovs and Matt Kroc managed to do. Well, as much as I can do within my means anyway, but I’m not gonna quit pushing myself to my fullest. Specifically, I hope to be able to reach or surpass the following 1RMs within two years, without weighing over 165 lb ideally and not an ounce over 181 lb as a clear-cut limit.

Goals (1RM, lbs)(within 3 years):
Bench: 225
Squat: 295
Deadlift: 315
OHP: 135

As for long term, I hope to be able to achieve a 1000 lb total with the big 3 lifts within my lifetime, in 181 lb weight class realistically, 165 lb ideally, or 148 in my dreams haha. Of course that’s something I’ll see after I actually reach those totals, but I see no reason to not shoot for the stars. At least I’ll land on the moon or something that way.

So that sums everything up, I guess!

I’ll get to today’s stuff after I actually do it, so I’ll be back with my Leg Day updates later today.

EDIT: Updated my current 1RMs and amped up goals a bit for certain lifts (read: bench) because I might just be reaching my old goals way before my deadline.

Welcome :slight_smile: Hope you killed your leg day!

Thank you! And yes it was a pretty nice day overall.

Leg/ab day (weightXrep)

Squats, medium stance, ATG
45x8 (warmup)
135x1 (warmup)

Romanian DL, one second pause at bottom to stretch those hams and one second on lock out
45x8 (warmup)
135x1 (warmup)
165x6 (ugh hate my grip strength, working on it during back/bicep days)

Leg Extensions
110x10, 3 sets

Seated Leg Curls
170x6, 3 sets

Leg Raises, one second pause at top to squeeze lower abs
Unloadedx15, 2 sets

Kneeling Cable Rope Crunches, one second pause at bottom
60x10, 2 sets

Bodyweightx10 (warmup)

Finished off with some foam rolling, with focus on quads and back.

Food log:
Brunch (woke up late): 3 eggs, 1ts fish oil, 1ts coconut oil, 1 scoop Greens, 1 scoop psyllium husk, 1tbs calcium citrate, Vit D chewable tablet
Snack: 1 scoop whey isolate(24g protein according to label), slice of pineapple, banana, 100g probiotic yogurt, and some ice (Yogen Fruz ripoff XD)
Postworkout: 1/4pound beef hotdog (had to shop at Costco and figured some junk is better than nothing)
Dinner: 1/4 chicken (~200g of meat), a sweet potato, cup of frozen veggie blend, papaya, apples, 1ts fish oil, VD tablet
Late night snack (if needed): Handful of dry roasted almonds

And tomorrow’s push day+shoulder focus, can’t wait!

I also play piano and lift weight… I think I can deadlift at least a 6 foot grande now.

I had a good laugh at the title of your thread! I also play piano though mine is electric and doesn’t weigh much. Good luck!

If you really want to learn and get better, think about competing. I don’t know where you are in Ontario but there’s a ton of clubs. Check out ontariopowerlifting.org. At the top are links to clubs across the Province. They are always happy to have new people come out and it’s probably the best way to learn to lift.

Thanks, I haven’t thought about checking for clubs before actually. I’m in Toronto, so T-Rex is probably my best bet. I’ve checked the site and I didn’t see any meets that specifically said raw.

Sorry if it’s a newbie question by the way, but are the meets that don’t specify equipped raw? I would like to attend raw meets over equipped as money’s a little tight right now as a student.

The CPU calls raw lifting ‘Classic’. All meets have both classic and equipped. If the meets are small, they compete against each other but if you’re interested in going further with it, you can get your classic qualifier.

Check out this meet in Mississauga http://ontariopowerlifting.org/e107_plugins/calendar_menu/event.php?1339822800.event.9. The morning is special O and after that is all classic. They put on a decent meet.

Also, in August is the Niagara open that is classic and equipped. It’s their 10th anniversary and is put on by my club :slight_smile:

T-Rex is a small club and is run by friends of ours. They just had a woman in the London Open on Sunday. They are very nice and helpful.

Thank you so much for the clarifications, I’ll check out the application processes and such soon.

Anyways, push day!

Seated DB OHP (touch and go at shoulder, neutral grip at bottom and top)

Shoulder work+French Press Superset thing

  1. Lateral Raise
    12.5x8, 3 sets

  2. Front Raise
    12.5x8, 2 sets

  3. French Press (done with shoulder work because otherwise I feel it in shoulders and not triceps)
    35x8, 2 sets

Flat DB Bench Press

BWx5, 4 sets

Incline Bench Press
90x5 (failure)

Would have done Incline earlier but people were using it for a while and I didn’t want to wait for it, so…

Food Log
Supplements: 2 VD tablets, 2 tsp fish oil, 1tbsp calcium citrate, 30mg zinc, 1 tsp creatine

Brunch: Chicken thigh+wing, bowl of lettuce, 1 scoop greens, 1 scoop psyllium husk (7g)
Pre-workout carbs: bowl of red bean+black rice(?)+lentil+black bean congee thing
Post workout/dinner: 6oz flank steak burger topped with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onions
Snack: banana, 1 scoop casein(24g protein), 5 small strawberries, 100g probiotic yogourt, ice smoothie
Nightcap snack thing: handful of almonds, cup of frozen vegetables (spinach, brocolli, asparagus, peas, peppers)

So gonna try to wake up earlier tomorrow. Really miss seeing sunrise and eating three meals like normal.

“Pull” day(really back+biceps)+calves!

Kayak Rows(warmup):

Lat Pulldown, narrow grip
55x8 (warmup)
115x2 (warmup)

Chest supported Row, wide grip
30x8 (warmup)
60x3 (warmup)

Reverse Pec Deck
60x9, 3 sets

Cable Bicep Curl, straight bar
30x7, 3 sets

Reverse Curl, thumbless, Ez-curl bar
35x10, 2 sets

Standing Calf Raise (hold at top and bottom, prolonged negatives, toes pointing outward slightly)
155x5 (warmup)
255x6, 3 sets

Seated Calf Raise (hold at top and bottom, toes pointing straight while legs slightly spread)
90x10, 3 sets

Food Log
Brunch: Large chicken breast, bowl of lettuce, greens+psyllium, 1tsp coconut oil, 1tsp fish oil, 1tbsp calcium citrate, 1000IU vitamin D tablet
Preworkout carbs: bowl of yam congee with 2oz dried shredded pork for flavour and protein boost, a banana, tsp of creatine
Post-workout meal/dinner: flank steak sandwich like yesterday, cup of spinach, 1tsp fish oil, 1000IU vitamin D tablet, 30mg zinc, apple, pear
Dessert/snack: half scoop whey, half scoop casein, 5 strawberries, 100g yogourt, ice blended together

Sorry for delaying an update by a day guys! This will be a 2-day update.

Conditioning: Interval bodyweight squat thing, 8 sets of 20 seconds with 15 seconds rest (tried real tabata and got completely bummed out by 4th set so I decide I’ll work toward it slowly)

Food log
Same supplements as usual
Brunch: 3 egg omelette with half a cup of shelled shrimps, bowl of lettuce,
Snack: Usual yogurt shake, 1 scoop whey and 5 strawberries, banana
Another snack: handful of almonds
Dinner: about 15 dumplings, papaya, pear, apple

Leg Day! (and squat PR!)
Squat, low bar, shoulder width stance
185x1 (1RM test, yay!)

Front Squat, close stance

Power Cleans (just relearning now, hence weird numbers compared to FS)

Seated Leg Curls
170x8, 3 sets

45x7, 2 sets

Leg Raise
16 reps, 2 sets

Cable Rope Crunch
65x11, 2 sets

Food log(fuller than usual since I had to wake up early in the morning for an errand, can see why PR was made just from the foods wow):
Early morning snack: handful of almonds
Breakfast: Bacon and egg sandwich
Brunch: Chicken breast(1/4 chicken) and 2 cups of coffee
Lunch: big baked potato with no toppings, 10oz striploin, brocolli, red peppers
Postworkout: 1 scoop whey yogurt shake, with added dextrose
Dinner: 15 dumplings

Phew, push day again tomorrow, hopefully bench will hit a PR too.

Push day

Bench Press

Low-Incline Dumbbell Bench
45x9, 3 sets


Lateral Raise machine
35x10, 3 sets

3x4, bodyweight

Dumbbell Shrugs (more ROM personally, strict form)
60x7, 3 sets

Breakfast: cucumbers, yam congee, 1/4 chicken, banana, greens+psyllium+creatine, fish oil, calcium citrate, VD tablet, coconut oil
Snack: pint of coffee, handful of almonds, watermelon
Shake: 1 scoop whey, same usual ingredients
Dinner/post workout: Felt like eating pizza so got steak/chicken/extra cheese pizza and ate half the pie, bowl of frozen veggies at home, papaya, pear, apple, kiwi, fish oil, VD, zinc

Conditioning day:
Interval bodyweight squats for 20 seconds per set, 8 sets. First 4 sets were done with 10 seconds of rest in between like tabata, had to increase it to 15 seconds of rest for the last 4 sets, still working on trying to get it into a full tabata deal.

Food log (usual supplements in usual meal slots)
Brunch: leftover meat pizza, bowl of lettuce, banana
Dinner: shrimps in garlic butter, roasted suckling pig (2 chops and a rib rack), rice, half serving of custard pudding (tasted way less sweeter than ones I usually find in bakeries and much more eggy), 3 cups of coffee
Snack: 100g yogurt, handful of almonds, cup of vegetables, bowl of watermelon

Pull day
Kayak Row (warmup)

Lat Pulldown
120x6, 3 sets

Face Pulls
55x6, 2 sets

Dumbbell Row (supported by bench on one hand)
55x7, 3 sets

Pinwheel Curls
20x8, 3 sets

Incline Curls
20x5, 3 sets

Standing Calf Raise
235x9, 3 sets

Brunch: 20 dumplings, bowl of lettuce, 1 pint coffee, morning supplements
Preworkout snack: banana, bowl of watermelon
Post workout/dinner: chicken breast (~200g), 2 bowls of black rice/lentil/lotus seeds/red/green/black beans congee, night supplements
Snack: handful of almonds, papaya, apple
Shake: usual yogurt shake, 1/2 scoop whey and 1/2 scoop casein

Leg day (wow the gym was crowded today, no barbells available pretty much)


RDL (ditched when power rack was available and somebody else got the bar)
155x8, 2 sets

Seated Leg Curl
175x5, 5 sets (to make up for missing RDL)

Leg Extension
120x10, 2 sets

BWx20, hang from bottom
25x8, 2 sets, hang from bottom+pause at top

Leg Raise
BWx18, 2 sets

Cable Rope Crunch
65x12, 2 sets

Food Log
Brunch: 1/4 chicken, bowl of brown/white rice congee with yams in it, bowl of watermelon, banana morning supplements
Post-workout: 8 oz steak sandwich
Dinner: Taco Bell steak burrito supreme+steak taco, bowl of frozen vegetables, night supplements
Nightcap: yogurt shake, 1 scoop protein(half whey half casein), handful of almonds

wow, I dunno if I would be able to walk after that! Nice work!

Thanks! It feels pretty good to walk out feeling like I’ve wringed what I can out of my legs in a good day of training.

Now, Push (with shoulder focus) Day!

Dumbbell OHP

Shoulder+French Press Superset
1.Lateral Raise
12.5x9, 3 sets

2.Front Raise
12.5x9, 2 sets

3.French Press
35x9, 2 sets

Flat Dumbbell Bench
55x5, 3 sets

Incline Bench Press

Dips, wide and flared bars (wow these feel far better for my triceps and elbows than parallel ones)
BWx6, 4 sets

Food Log
Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1/8 chicken leftover, bowl of watermelon, morning supplements
Lunch: 8oz Steak sandwich, banana, 100g yogurt
Dinner: 1/4 chicken, bowl of yam congee, bowl of frozen vegetables, apple, pear, kiwi, night supplements
Snack: handful of almonds

I am 4 1/2 hrs north of you! Us Ontarians kick ass!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You can say that again! XD

Been a bad girl today and missed my conditioning, but I had to drive around a lot today for a bunch of errands and looking for places with pianos to practice for my last exam, so it’s not something I’m going to make a habit of. Well, I’m gonna make sure I won’t at least, ahaha.

Anyways, food log time!

Breakfast: 1/2 chicken (both breasts), watermelon, banana, morning supplements
Lunch: 3 eggs, 4 long strips of bacon, 2 slices of buttered toast, 1 cup coffee, 1 double shot espresso (<3 coffee)
Snack: Hotdog (been shopping at Costco again)
Dinner: 1/4 chicken (thigh), apple, cucumber, bowl of frozen vegetables, night supplements

Pull day

Lat Pulldown (hold at bottom, pause at hang)

Chest Supported Row (hold at top, pause at hang)
65x7, 3 sets

Reverse Flyes
65x7, 3 sets

Straight bar cable curl
35x6, 3 sets

Reverse Curl (thumbless)
40x7, 2 sets

Seated Calf Raise
90x10, 3 sets

Standing Calf Raise
275x4, 3 sets

Pendlay Row (extra time, spare barbells, trying it out, explosive+full reset between reps)
95x5, 3 sets

Food log
Brunch: 1/4 chicken (breast), banana, bowl of lettuce, 2 cups coffee, morning supplements
Snack: usual yogurt shake, 1 scoop whey and 1/2 scoop casein
Postworkout/dinner: 8 oz steak sandwich, bowl of watermelon, cup of frozen vegetables, night supplements
Late night snack: handful of almonds, apple, pear, kiwi