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Listening to the Body


I think listening to the body and what it is telling you is under rated. If a muscle feels tight it probably is. If your back hurts, back off the weight and go for reps. Do not mindlessly follow a plan, midfully follow the guiding principles behind it.

Yes it's been a while since I posted but I've been serving my country for most of the past 6 months, and there is no highspeed internet in the middle of the arabian sea. I feel reflective tonight and was thinking about my training today. My squat still sucks and is barely creeping up while my deadlift is still less than 405 but my bench press, the excercise I am least concerned with, has steadily improved. In trying to improve my dead and squat I would ignore the signs that pain was on it's way and push into overtraining, once pulling a glute doing intervals on a treadmill(one more reason to keep the hate I have for them). Another time just overtraining my back until it hurt.


In my opinion, having the ability to train instinctively is a point you MUST get to if you want to see the most development possible.


agree 100 percent. I really only train instictively with my log book to help me out


This should have stayed in the bodybuilding forum. Beginners either think every snap in their knees will cripple them or that they should do HIIT after every workout to keep their gains ‘clean’. There’s rarely any middle ground. It’s like throwing a box with either a nun or robert downey jr. into a Spec’s Liquor and telling them to only take what they need.

I am so legally obtaining the rights to the phrase ‘Shroedingers binge’.

The point is that beginners don’t have enough experience to listen to their bodies. They need to listen to the program, and push through when it gets hard and back off once they’ve gotten used to feeling beaten up a little bit in the morning. And they won’t unless someone with a bunch of experience writes it out for them in red crayon (or black courier-new text, as the case may be).


Otep, i agree… My body tells me, don’t do another rep this hurts too much, if i listened to it all the time i would never make gains.