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Listening to Paul's Advice, Optimizing It for my Situation

I’ll second the idea that you don’t need a routine to see results, I never used one for my first 4 years of lifting. I still don’t use one unless I’m peaking.

I think that making up routines, working hard and seeing results and making little tweaks as you go is a big part of the fun of lifting

Really, reddit? Wow, never thought I;d see someone else that used reddit on here haha…you remembered me:)

username lol, so I can go back to it?

I think that making up routines, working hard and seeing results and making little tweaks as you go is a big part of the fun of lifting

I never used one for my first 4 years of lifting.

See, I totally agree with that. I have read the 531 books but I feel that I can make a lot faster progress if I do my own thing…and THEN move on to structured programming once I become “advanced”.

I was thinking a routine like this. I understand that some people feel beginners shouldn’t make up their own routines but I feel that because I have a background I can make some quick gains “because anything works when you’re new” and THEN move on to actual routines posted on this site.

Day 1/5
Squat (Quad-Dominant Leg Movement)
Bench (Horizontal Press)
Pullups(Vertical Pull)

Day 2/4
Deadlift (Hamstring/Glute-Dominant Leg Movement)
OHP(Vertical Press)
Barbell Row(Horizontal Pull)

This is the basic routine. Things such as arms, shoulders, will be added each day as I see fit

Here’s the set back I had from my 2nd to 3rd year, 1lb difference in bodyweight but huge physique change.

Don’t beat yourself up, use it as motivation to keep improving. I’m 20lbs heavier now and this seems like a distant memory. I’ll go back to your age too. I didn’t start lifting till I was in my early 20, you have plenty of time to see results you want

great progress man, 'mirin. You seem like a good guy, care to offer your two cents on my post above

Are you thinking of only lifting twice a week? I think you can get away with what you have but I really like upper/lower twice a week.

For me, just hitting squats and hip thrusts is all the leg work I really need and you can mix in deadlift variations and lunges without the need for more equipment.

I do like that you’re putting in a variety of vertical/horizontal movements for upper body. Maybe try both and switch which is harder (heavier bench with lighter overhead press and vice versa later in the week

oh crap I forgot to clarify, its 4 days a week

thanks for the input though

I write the blog “MythicalStrength”

If 5/3/1 slows down your progress, you are running it wrong. You should progress as fast as possible on it.

ah, one of my favorite redditors. Pleasure to see you here.

what I meant progress wise is I feel that I can add weight and reps faster than what 531 has outlined at my de-trained state.

I am definitely going to run 531 I just feel that I can literally LP progress at this point. Especially since I haven’t touched a weight in two weeks

we did have a nice conversation about high volume chins. Maybe I’ll incorporate that on my lifting days I posted above

Again though, if you are NOT improving in your ability to add reps and weight, you are screwing up 5/3/1. You should be progressing session by session. Same as any decent program at this point.

Don’t confuse testing strength with building it.

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Why do you believe LP builds strength quicker than 531

Lookin shredded bro. Just keep at it

Dude, your progress from this pic to the most recent transformation one is CRAZY. Good work.


Fine. Whatever it is, start it tomorrow. Or better yet, hit the first workout later today.

You’ve had dozens and dozens of posts over the last three months planning a handful of different routines but only one day’s workout posted in your training log. Do more, think less, figure it out as you go.

Also, I merged the two threads because asking the exact same question in different forums is a no-go.


Progress is purely up to you. The program doesn’t matter.

This is coming from someone who had a MILLION questions when I first started.

I thought there was a magic program.
I thought there was a magic frequency.
I thought there was a magic set of assistance to do.

I program hopped like no other. I tried all sorts of diets.

I started with:

135x5 Squats
95x5 OH Press
115x5 Bench Press
135x5 Deadlift
5 Chin-Ups

5 Years later I’m now at:

485 Squat
245 OH Press
515 Deadlift
345 Bench Press
25 Chin-Ups

YOU KNOW WHY? Because I decided to just put my head down and just lift and eat. No more thinking. There is no optimizing, there is no special formula. I honestly didn’t even follow a program. I was squatting 225 for 5x5. I decided let me try 245 and keep working with 245 until I got to 5x5 and then repeat again.

All you do is figure out how many days you want to lift, if you want to grow or shrink, and just simply get after it and bust your ass. That is the formula to get to your goals.


wow. powerful words

(im serious)

Right now you sound like a little kid in a candy store, everything looks so good and you can’t make up your mind. Just pick a program that makes sense and stick with it for at least 3-4 months before you even consider moving onto something else. And you don’t even need to change programs at any arbitrary interval, make changes when progress slows down. All the time you spend jumping from one program to another because the other one may or may not be better is time wasted that could have been used getting bigger and stronger.

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@swolagani - This is my all time favorite video to show beginners.

THIS IS THE PROGRAM YOU SHOULD DO! Watch the whole video.

Why don’t you guys stop offering him up different things to ponder? Chris said above, he’s asked this more than once, and stopped/started about 700 routines with nothing to log about it.

It’s a lot of mental masturbation on his part at this point.

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