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List of Exercises for Bodyparts

Here is a list of exercises that I wrote out one day just for fun! <----------- umm… HI! Loser much? =D Thought you all might enjoy it! It’s not an exhaustive list… but it helps me keep things FRESH!

(By the way, obviously SOME lifts work more than one body part… so I am listing them in the category that I believe they work the MOST)…AND, I may have a different name for a particular exercise than you do… but most of them should be pretty obvious and/or self explanatory…


Front Squat
Back Squat (Barbell, Cambered Bar, Safety Bar, Buffalo Bar)
Box Squat (Barbell, Cambered Bar, Safety Bar, Buffalo Bar)
Squat with Bands, Chains
Zercher Squat
Overhead Barbell Squat
DB Squat
Jump Squat
DB Jump Squat
BB Jump Squat
Pistol (one-legged squat)
Back Squat with Elevated Heel
Sissy Squat
Hack Squat
Hack Machine Sissy Squat
Hack Machine Squat
Static Lunges
Walking Lunges
Reverse Lunges
Reverse Lunge off a Box or Step
Jumping Lunges
Bulgarian Split Squat
Bulgarian Split Squat with Front Foot Also Elevated
Wall Sit
Weighted Wall Sit
One Legged Squat
Leg Extension
One Legged Leg Extension
Side Lunges
Leg Press
One Legged Leg Press
1 ¼ Squat
Step Up (below Parallel)

Conventional Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift
Snatch Grip Deadlift
Trap Bar Deadlift
Rack Deadlift
Reverse Band Deadlift
Deadlift from a Deficit
BB Romanian Deadlift
DB Romanian Deadlift
DB Conventional Deadlift
Reverse Hyperextension
Glute Ham Raise (Band, Weight Plate, Barbell, DB)
Poor Man?s Glute Ham Raise
BB Good Morning
Mini-Band Good Morning
DB One Legged Romanian Deadlift
Cable One Legged Romanian Deadlift
Lying Leg Curl
One Legged Lying Leg Curl
Seated Leg Curl
One Seated Lying Leg Curl
Gironda Leg Curl
Leg Press with Feet High
One Legged Leg Press with Feet High
Standing Single Leg Curl
Glute Bridges
One Legged Gute Bridges
Hip Extension on Swiss Ball
One Legged Hip Extension on Swiss Ball
SHELC (Supine Hip Extension with Leg Curl on a Swiss Ball)
One Legged SHELC (Supine Hip Extension with Leg Curl on a Swiss Ball)

Standing Machine Calf Raises
Standing BB Calf Raises
Standing DB Calf Raises
Smith Machine Calf Raises
Donkey Calf Raises
45 degree Machine Calf Raises
1 Legged Standing Calf Raises
Seated Machine Calf Raises
Seated Weight Plate/DB Calf Raises
Leg Press Calf Raises
1 Legged Leg Press Calf Raises

Back Exentions
Reverse Hyper
Reverse Hyper on Swiss Ball
Back Extension on Glute Ham Raise Machine

Bent Over BB Row (Parallel or 45 degree)
Reverse Grip Bent Over BB Row
Chest Supported BB Row
Chest Supported DB Row
T Bar Row
Seated Cable Row (Rope, Handles, Independent Handles, V-Bar, Straight Bar)
Elbow Flared Seated Cable Row to Neck
Alternating Standing Cable Row
2 Point DB Row
Band Pull Aparts
Grappler Row
BB or DB Row Paired with Back Extension on GHR
1 Arm Grappler Row
Face Pull
Rack Pull (1/2 Deadlift)
1 Arm DB Row
Bent Over Alternating DB Row
Pullups (Neutral Grip, Supinated, Pronated, with a Mini-Band)
Lat Pulldowns (Wide Grip, Close Grip, Reverse Grip V-Bar, Mini-Band, One Arm)
DB Pullover
BB Pullover
Floor BB Pullover
Cable Straight Arm Pulldowns (Independent, Rope, EZ Bar, Straight Bar)
Kneeling Rope Pulldown
Alternating Kneeling Rope Pulldown
Independent Kneeling Pulldown
Incline DB Row
Incline BB Row
Scarecrow/Rear Delt Flye with Cables
Reverse Pec Deck
Hammer Low Row
Hammer High Row

BB Bench Press (Incline, Flat, Decline, Board Press, Reverse Band Presses)
DB Bench Press (Incline, Flat, Decline, Swiss Ball, Alternating)
DB Flye (Incline, Flat Decline, Swiss Ball)
1 Arm DB Bench Press (Incline, Flat, Decline, Swiss Ball)
Pushup (Regular, Explosive, Decline, Swiss Ball, Med Ball, 1 Hand on Med Ball)
Cable Crossover (High to Low, Low to High, 1 Arm)
Hammer Grip (Neutral Grip) Bench Press (Incline, Flat, Decline, Alternating)
Machine Chest Press
Guillotine Press
Pec Deck
1 Arm Pec Deck

BB Military Press
DB Military Press (1 Arm, Alternating)
Smith Machine Press
DB Push Press
BB Push Press
Front Raise (Plate, DB, BB, Med Ball, Cable)
Lateral Raise (DB, Cable)
1 Arm Lateral Raise
Leaning Lateral Raise
Lateral Raise on Incline Bench
Leaning Lateral Raise with Opposite Side on Incline Bench
Pitcher Raise (1 Arm, Alternating)
Gironda Raise
Palm In OH Press
Alternating Palm in OH Press
1 Arm Grappler Press
1 Arm Grappler Push Press
Bent Over Rear Lateral Raise (DB, Cable, 1 Arm)
Standing Cable Rear Delt Flye/Scarecrow
3 Way Shoulder Raise
Upright Row (DB, BB, EZ Bar, Cable, 1 Arm)
Arnold Press
1 Arm Arnold Press
External Rotations (Horizontal, Vertical, Cable, DB, Weight Plate)
Across the Body 1 Arm Rear Delt Cable Flye

Floor Press (BB, DB, Alternating, 1 Arm)
Pin Press
Elow Out Tricep Extension (Incline, Flat, Decline, Swiss Ball)
Close Grip Bench Press
3,4,5 Board Bench Press
OH French Press
Skullcrushers (BB, DB)
Lying DB Extension
OH Extension (BB, Cable, Rope, Stright Bar, EZ Bar, Mini-Band)
Bench Dips
Triangle Pushup
Kickback (DB, Cable)
1 Arm OH Extension (DB, Cable)
Cable Pressdown (Rope, V-Bar, Independent, Reverse Grip, EZ Bar, 1 Arm, Alternating)

EZ Bar Curl
BB Curl
Preacher Curl (1 Arm, Cable, BB, DB)
Cable Curl (1 Arm, Independent, EZ Bar, Straight Bar, Rope, Alternating)
Hammer Curl (Seated, Standing, Incline)
DB Curl (Seated, Standing, Incline)
Zottman Curl (Seated, Standing, Incline)
DB Lying Curl
BB Lying Curl
Concentration Curl (DB, Cable)
Reverse Grip Curl (DB, BB, EZ Bar, Cable)

Russian Twist
Decline Russian Twist
Med Ball Rotations
Hanging Leg Raises
Decline Leg Raises
Decline Situps
Swiss Ball Situps
Swiss Ball Roll-outs
Ab Wheel (from your knees, standing)
Standing Rotations using Cable and Swiss Ball
Med Ball Woodchops
Sprinter Situps
Swiss Ball Knee-ins
Shotguns/Crunches off Edge of Bench
Rope Pulldown Crunches
Weighted Situps/Crunches
Roman Chair Situps
Grappler Twists
Side Plank
3 Pt. Med Ball Slams
Straight Arm Cable Twists

Bump! I made some edits and added some new exercises…

[quote]mmgalb727 wrote:
Bump! I made some edits and added some new exercises…[/quote]

Come on. Now I am going to have to search for examples of a lot of these. Since you have so much time on your hands, how about a vid of you doing the entire list. Other people doing the exercises are acceptable, but it is your list, though.

(Kidding about the time on your hands)

Hahaha… well sorry I made your life so difficult ;D

You should be able to find videos for most of these on You Tube… you just have to hope that the video you watch is actually the person doing the movement CORRECTLY with good form… Fat chance! haha =D

But seriously… if you REALLY have a question about some of the exercises, post them and I will try to find vids =D

Bump… some new exercises =D

Thanks for the list.

I looked up some of the ones I didn’t know and will probably give them a try. I had no idea what a Hack Squat Sissy Squat was.

thanks again

OG - you are more than welcome! I will continue to update it as my knowledge base grows! =D