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List of Bodyweight Exercises


Here's the list, tell me if I missed anything

Inverted row
One leg deadlifts
Glute ham raise
Bodyweight extensions
Shoulder pullups


Inverted row
One leg deadlifts
Glute ham raise
Bodyweight extensions
Shoulder pullups

Ok, you had push-up.... + variation of these, one arm, wide, plyo, plyo with a clapin front of you, with a clap behind your back
-then variations of pull-ups and chin-ups + variations with one arm doing something different, towel chins etc..
-ordinary squats, + variations... variations of pistols on bench/step, bulgarian squats and isometric squat against the wall, or isometric bulgarian squat
-lunges and variations - see article on T-mag on lunges
-All gimnastic movements....100s of them
-sit-ups, jack-knives, legs/knees raises,the same hanging on the bar and 100 other ab exercises
-all sorts of "walks": spider, crocodile, bear and crab walks
Variations of planks and other isometric hilds in varions positions
there's a lot of crap you can do also with Wall Bars

  • check some Coach Sommer's articles on T-mag or dragondoor (sorry T-mag for bringing Pavel T here) :wink:

just from the top of my head!

there are more if you thing of it

Hope it helps



have I forgotten all sorts of Jumps, jumps on boxes, beches, lower body plyos,
-jumping jack or I am repeating myself
- hops
- skipping rope - this can give you a good workout

hmmm..... amy more :wink:


Static handstand, walking on hands forward, backwards, sideway, etc.
Planche and progressions
Lever and progressions
Handstand Push-Up and progressions
Presses to Handstand
Hollow and arch rocks
Movements from the bridge; e.g., bridge-to-stand, backbends, twisting in and out of bridge from either side.

Tumbling movements and their progressions; carthwheels, flips, handsprings, walkovers, etc.

And for the legs: Pistols.

The lower-upper body training ratio is really kinda skewed without a barbell, isn't it?


bodyweight tricep extension


Good List!


Reverse pushups, bridging, bear crawls.


sprinting and jogging


Bodyweight step-up variations as well.


rope climbing is another good variation on pullups


Extended arms; fingertip "push-ups". Kinda like using ab wheel in the extended position....lie on floor, arms extended with fingertips on floor; contract every damn muscle you can and raise body off floor and hold for 5 count, then repeat 'till you can't do anymore. If really good, can do it with 1-arm instead of two. Good Luck & HAPPY HOLIDAYS


rossboxing.com has some nice pushup variations on his Low-Tech High-Effect video. I love "Power Overs". You could also try a 1-legged squat-jump, if you reach anything over 18 inches your doing good.


Yeah, sprinting! Can't believe that I forgot that. Nothing like hill sprints to hit the hamstrings and glutes without much back involvement.


Cant forget the Leg Raises (level/decline) crunches (level/decline) and back extensions.


List of bw exercises? Gymnastics. With some floor space, a wall, and a bar you can do a ridiculous amount of things to keep you busy for years. The world of bw exercise is not just high rep calithstenics.



That is brutal, when I was 15, my dads 55 year old friend bet me 100 dollars US if I could do it ( I live in OZ and he was down for holidays) I couldn't, he did 3-4 one handed and told me next time he saw me I had to be able to do it. Well ten years later he came back for my brothers wedding, he remembered, asked me and I still couldn't and sure at the age of 65 he could still do 2-4 one handed. Inspiring.


I love power overs! Recently, I also tried using that same concept for legs, it got pretty brutal (just body weight). A lot of depth or drop jumps have the potential for building strength and some muscle mass, at least theoretically. I'm not aware of any studies, but if you figure out the amount of force your muscles have to produce in order to decelerate your mass when you fall/jump even from just a foot...well, I suck at math, but it's a surprisingly big number for a small distance.

Actually, I guess gymnasts reap the benefit of that sort of training (whether its floor routines or swinging around a bar or rings), and, as has been mentioned many times, they tend to be pretty muscular despite not eating or specifically training to be.

Take it easy,


whats a reverse pushup

whats a pistol?


[u]Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises:[/u]

[u]1. Pushups[/u] - Close-grip, wide-grip, regular grip, one-arm pushups, feet elevated (on bench, box or Swiss ball), hands elevated, medicine ball pushups, plyo pushups, using pushup bars, suspended chain pushups, reverse pushups, etc.
[u]2. Pullups/Chins[/u] - Pullups and Chins in narrow, medium and wide grips. Semi-pronated chins using medium or wide-grips. Towel pullups, rope pullups, mixed-grip chins, v-grip chins, etc.
[u]3. Rows[/u] - Using stationary bar or Blast Straps, do bodyweight rows pulling yourself to the bar.
[u]4. Handstand pushups[/u] - Using the wall to keep feet in place.
[u]5. Dips[/u] - Using parallel bars, dip bars, handrails, etc.

[u]Lower Body Bodyweight Exercises[/u]

[u]1. One-legged Squats[/u][i] (aka Pistols)[/i] - With or without weight.
[u]2. Bulgarian Squats[/u] - With one foot supported on bench or box behind you.
[u]3. Lunges[/u] - Walking for time/distance or with weights in hands.
[u]4. Sissy squats[/u] - There is a piece of equipment to do these on, otherwise, just do bodyweight squats with hands in front of you. Or do variations of bodyweight squats such as Hindu squats or Swiss ball squats or skier squats against a wall
[u]5. Calf raises[/u] - Use bodyweight and do single leg calf raises off a board, step or other elevated box.
[u]6. Sprinting/Jumping/Hopping/Skipping[/u] - Sprint, jump or hop on and off boxes.
7. Burpees - Using bodyweight, or doing them with a kbell for high pulls.

[u]Full-Body Bodyweight Exercises[/u]

[u]1. Rolls, crawls and walks[/u] - Various tumbling (backward and foward, with and without jumps), various crawling and walks (bear crawl, crab walks, etc.).
[u]2. Burpees[/u] - These can definitely be full-body workouts especially if using additional weight. Or they can have more of a lower body emphasis.
[u]3. Jumping jacks, shuffles, etc.[/u] - Various types of bodyweight GPP exercises such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squat thrusts, shuffles, etc.
[u]4. Med ball wood choppers[/u] - Grab a light med ball and do wood choppers with jumps.

[u]Abs[/u] - Various bodyweight exercises such as leg raises, situps, weighted situps, v situps, crunches, hanging leg/knee raises, dragonflys, etc.

I'll add more as I think of them.


I've found pushing up off of my ass and hitting the weight room to be incredibly effective for muscular growth.