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List of Best and Worst Protein Sources



"The biggest take-away: eat less meat and avoid wasting it (20% of edible meat ends up being tossed)"
"Going meatless can reduce water pollution, waste and greenhouse gases, and save energy, land and water. As for personal health, science shows that eliminating or cutting back on meat may improve blood pressure, decrease your risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol and help better manage your weight"

Thoughts? I for one love eating meat and although beefs carbon footprint may be high I will still eat it as often as ever.


While I expect no one to listen to me, overall health wise I have never felt better since eliminating animal products from my diet. Seeing as my goals aren't as lofty as most here, I would certainly never advise a near vegetarian diet but I will say that I feel it would be beneficial to eliminate meat when other options are available. At least for a trial period of a month or so to see how the body reacts, I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised.


We are omnivores. The healthiest natural diet includes meat.




For some reason, names with the word "celestial" brings the word "cult" or "chiropractor (ie: quack)" into the back of my mind.


gorillas are the closest gene wise to us, yet they don't eat meat at all. and they are among the most muscular strongest creatures on the planet. (on land)




Read "The Vegetarian Myth" and stop all this meatless nonsense... especially all the ridiculous arguments vegans use in their lame defense.


Gorillas' bodies manufacture all the necessary amino acids. Ours do not. Vegetables are LOW on the bio-availability of their proteins, and incomplete amino acid profiles don't help either.


ID some "humans" are closer to Gorilla DNA than others, some of us have evolved.


I'm half-afraid to ask whom you're referring to!



I read an article by this lady who was a world renowned vegan and had an insanely popular blog (I believe she was from egypt... Let's keep the genetailia mutilation talk out of this)

She used to blog about anti meat eating and how much better for the environment it is to be vegan... Well she had all sorts of health problems because of her diet. she was basically forced to start eating eggs and meat again. She would cry while choking it down and all this crazy stuff... Now her health problems are gone, she's renounced her veganism and had death threats from a lot of her blog followers for it... Super crazy story and an awesome read. I'll try to find it when I get home so anyone who is interested can read it.


Considering that Yahoo list is rating protein sources primarily on their environmental impact, there's really no case to start attacking meat-free, or plant-focused/reduced-meat, diets.

Read "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" and stop all this vegetarian-bashing nonsense.

EDIT: To be fair though, I haven't read The Vegetarian Myth, but I'll put it on my to-get list.


The "______ animal is super jacked and it never eats meat" is the lamest argument ever.


I suppose if you enjoy the feeling of constant nauseau, weakness, anemia and minor hallucinations then yeah, I could see how eliminating animal products would make you feel great.


Not you sir the knuckle dragging saved gorilla you were responding to.



This steak is delicious.


Of course that's what you meant....


That was the dumbest fucking 'article' I've ever read. Who has EVER claimed we are Carinvores? That's like saying 'Humans are not sheep. therefore humans are fish.' It does not in any way refute the fact that we are Omnivores.