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List of anti-T nutrients

Besides trans fat, soy, and fiber, what other nutrients suppress T?

now we’re saying fiber is bad??

According to “The Steroid Bible” too much fiber can lower T. That reminds me: I left out carbs. Chronic high carbs cause high insulin which causes low blood sugar which causes cortisol (the anti-T hormone) to be released. But when carb is restricted then periodically loaded it increases T.


yeah, who says fiber lowers T?

There was an article that I wrote a bit back for T-Mag, Eat like a T-Man, your answers lie within the article, give it a read and let me know what you think.

Chick movies, gay men, ballets, pornos without lesbian scenes, WNBA basketball, getting kicked in the nuts, non-alcoholic beer, anything pink (except you know what), not watching football Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and the occassional Thursday night game, Bill Phillips, Richard Simmons, any exercise machine sold on television, fat chicks in tight clothing, squats above parallel, Smith Machines, curling in the squat rack, weightlifting gloves, not using chalk. That’s about all I can think of off the top of my head in the few seconds it took to write. Oh wait you said nutrients.

Doug…I need some help finding that article…the search turns up “Eat Like A Man” articles by Chris S. Thanks!

see http://t-mag.com/html/115eat.html for the article (issue 115 back in mid-2000)