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LISS Cardio = Hinder Gains?



What is Your opinion about doing cardio year round, even in Off-Season? I mean for example ~30min LISS at the morning or after training? Do You think it can hind muscle/strength gains ( a lot of studies about cortisol level etc. )? Does AAS make diffrence in this matter?


studies have shown that yes, it does hinder muscle gains. As to how significant that hindernce is in an actual real world setting as opposed to a laboratory? I doubt it's anything you need to worry about unless you're doing weekly marathons or something equally insane.

and yes, AAS will make a difference


Thanks! What difference with AAS in Your opinion?


You are fine. Cortisol is only a factor if you deplete the glycogen stores before your cardio.

Lowery wrote about morning fasted walks/eleptical/etc using MAG-10.

Just like anything else, be smart about it.


I think that while it's a given that everyone is different in terms of how much of anything they can tolerate, taking the following into account:

-Recovery variables (diet, sleep patterns etc)
-How strenuous and how much 'other' work you must recovery from each day (weight training, sports, etc)
-How much of an effect cardio has during a prep (some people get more of a bang from just small amounts)

I still believe that you'd need a serious amount to hamper muscular gains. Sure you may have certain trainers who's recovery may be so horrible that it can be an issue, but more often than not, I think it's something you can offset with better dietary approaches.

Some coaches will even tell you that added LISS work (or any type of energy system work) will actually improve nutgrient delivery and contribute to muscle gain in the off season.

On a slight tangent, you have the two schools of thought about off season cardio affecting how much of a response you get when you need to use cardio in a prep. One school believes that by having some type of cardio year round, your system is just more efficient in every manner. The other school believes that by not getting used to any cardio in the off season, your body will give a more pronounced responsed when you have to rely on it when cutting.

As to the AAS in the equation,... well, I think most people would agree that it does change things a bit.



If you are on AAS, you damn well better be doing steady state cardio to preserve heart health.

And I would assume having a constant high level of testosterone would mitigate any effect of a temporary cortisol spike.


30 min of LISS can mean different things to different people. Fast walking to some and 4 miles at 7 min pace for others. What kind of LISS are you talking about?


Great idea, do it.

What you have in mind, no.

I would say no, but a heavy Tren cycle might leave you huffing & puffing like a fatso.


Not to get in a semantic pissing contest, but LISS is LISS. How you can do it depends on your fitness level. There are rules of thumb (140-150 +/- bpm, depending on age), but overall, keep it steady and you have to be able to talk freely.


{Yes, but that is precisely my point. Although what I can manage without going over the heart rate threshold could limit my ability to recover compared to what others might do at the same heart rate. Heart rate isn't the only thing that matters with recovery.


By LISS i mean something like 30-60mins in 65-75% HRMax.


If anything it might help with muscle gain.

Provided that you're eating enough.


Find Tim Henriques walking program -won't hinder gains at all.


I'm running about 35 miles a week and so far so good although my PR days are long behind me.