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Lisinopril Decreases Free Test

I’ve been doing some research regarding free testosterone levels and found an article that I had read before but forgot about…


This is interesting to me because I started taking Lisinopril 10mg about a month or so after I started TRT, and sub sequentially, my free testosterone tanked. SHBG went up.

Does anyone have experience with Losartan? Have done some reading and I cant find any negative effects of losartan on testosterone, in fact I saw that it actually helps some people with ED. Even with my low free test, I haven’t experienced any ED. I cant seem to find the action as to why it helps with ED (possibly vasodialation) but not sure. Any input would be appreciated, considering switching over and seeing what happens.

Also saw a subjective report about a TRT patient who stated that after stopping lisinopril and switching to Losartan, he had an increase in Libido and morning erections. But there haven’t been any confirming reports as to why this occurs with Losartan. I cant find anything stating that it increases free T. Possibly, it has no effect on SHBG and therefore it lowers, freeing up more testosterone. Anyway, I had the doctor prescribe it to me, and I will update this post.

Only telling you my experience. I take Lisinopril 20mg per day (since many years). Originally my free testosterone was low, but after started TRT skyrocket. At least on me it doesn´t have that effect (lowering Free Test). Same happened when I stoped Testosterone injections and had only HCG + Clomid (I lowered it a bit without T but still was very high). Now I´m just on Clomid, but my lab results are going to be next month (I feel the same, expect to have high TT and high Free T, but this last sentence is just a conjecture).

Oh, by the way, I came to a point the Lisinopril would not lower enough the High Preasure. Accidentally I started swimming (just because I can not lift weights), and reduced my presure making it not only normal but great, 11/7 always! (it took about a month or two of swimming to get there).


Need to add that low-T and low magnesium can both contribute to elevated blood pressure.

Just a quick update before I get labs at the end of the month. But only after about 3 days on the Losartan, had very strong night erection. The next night, strong night and morning wood, as well as sex dreams. (Have not had in about 3 months) Will post results of bloodwork when I get it.

SUCCESS!!! My SHBG had gotten insanely high… 69-70 were the last 2 lab values I had. So I did my research and found that Lisinopril increases SHBG and lowers free test. In conjunction with changing from Lisinopril to Losartan, I also decreased my use of Benzodiazepines, which also increase SHBG. Today my labs came back and my SHBG has decreased from 70 to 49. I know that’s still fairly high, but for me this is huge! I hope this helps someone out who is suffering with the SHBG issue.

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Hi alpha,
What dosage of Losartan are you taking?
I just switched from Lisinoprol to Losartan yesterday based on your post.
The dosage I’m taking is 25 mg.
I’m eager to see if this helps my lack of MW.

I take 75mg. TRT unfortunately had a negative effect on my BP. Was never on before and BP was always in the 120/70 range. I switched from Lisinopril to Losartan because of the SHBG issue. It had a huge effect on mine.

I thought you said you switched TO losartan??
Which are you currently taking?

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You are correct, I fixed my post. Yes, I switched FROM lisinopril to Losartan.

There are other studies too that showed that losartan improved ED for some patients. It was the best choice of BP med for what I want.

Hey alpha have you considered Amlodipine for HBP? I may be going on 1 soon and cardio mentioned amlodipine. But after u mentioned losartan I think that may be best.


@anon10035199 please see above. Thx

I cant post the link, but just research blood pressure meds or athletes.

Well I’ve been on lisinopril for the past two years and just found out I have high shbg and low free test. I think this is the culprit. I’m still young so I’m just going to ditch the lisinopril and see where it takes me. How are your levels now? Have you had any recent bloodwork?

My levels still range anywhere from 37-56 usually in the higher 40-50 range.

Lisinopril put me in the 70’s though.