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Lisfranc Injury Rehab

I searched the forum for Lisfranc injury information but couldn’t come up with anything good (or recent). I’ve also come up short on Google. Does anyone know of any rehab exercises for foot injuries, particularly ligaments? Doc said that ligaments take longer to heal than bones due to reduced circulation they receive. So, I’m trying to speed up recovery through exercise. Cheers.

I don’t know but I would wear arch supports until it is healed. Also avoid calf raises and running or activity where you toe off but I bet your doctor told you that already? Just curious as to how it happenend, this is a pretty unusual injury- was it playing soccer by any chance? You might google theraband foot exercises for dancers and try some out but I don’t know enough to tell you which ones would be good versus bad.

I hurt my foot playing rugby. My foot was planted with my toes in the dirt, trying to push forward and a 250lb guy fell on top of my ankle which bent my toes back up and hyperextended the arch.

MD said avoid running but nothing about lifting. I don’t think he was knowledgeable about it. I will def google “Theraband exercises for dancers.” May result in some entertaining videos. Thanks for the info.