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Gentleman Jack is all I’ll ever need.

Holy FUCK Morg! You gotta learn how to drink man! Slow down!

Bushmills single malt
johnnie walker blue
old weller 107
everclear mixed with sangria wine

Hmmm, although the occassional stiff drink is nice, I honestly like beer over any other alcoholic drink. My favorites are any kind of hefe-weizen or german wheat beer - it’s so tasty and effervescent that you could have it breakfast! Trying different kinds of good beers can be just as interesting as trying wines or liquors, you just have to be at the right place. There are a few places here in Cleveland that have hundreds of beers from around the world, and spending a night trying a few new ones is always fun. But I’m no snob, if I’m at home, I’m probably going to be drinking Miller Lite.

By the way, that recipe for Liquid Crack sounds horrible. Has anyone ever tried that!? That sounds like something my college friends would have made up for their frat parties. Blech!!!


I heard about Grey Goose and then saw how expensive it was…no thanks.


Whisky…Crown Royal

Beer…whatever is on sale…lol

All other liquors are out due to the fact that I’ve puked while drinking them at one time or another.

jim beam gets me in a fighting mood.