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The vodka thread got me thinking about this. Like most everyone who posted, I prefer Grey Goose, and that got me started on other tangents. Despite our current goals, we’ve all been down the booze soaked road. So let’s hear it. What are the best brands in the various catagories. I’m a scotch man, and I never put just one down as my favorite as I’m always trying new things. My two constant are Drambuie and Dewars for any mix that I may fancy. In tequila, I favor Patron or Cabo Wabo. My boss swears by Makers Mark, but I’ve never been a fan or Bourbon. As far as rum goes, I’ve never really cared for it. I enjoy a good glass of port, althogh as a friend of mine pointed out, it’s just a step away from MD20/20. So let’s hear from the rest of you. Looking over my list, I realize that I hardly drink anything. Except scotch and Guiness.

Irish Whiskey…Jamison…nothing better hehe…with a pint of Guiness on the side…that or a Bud and Jack Daniels hehe

I used to like rum back in the day. i don’t remember what i used to drink, but i got sick on that so i couldn’t drink it for a long time. then i drank vodka, which was good, but i don’t remember what i drank and i got sick on that, too, so i couldn’t drink it for a while. then i started drinking wine, but i got sick on that once so i couldn’t drink it for a while. ok, beer wasn’t an option for a while, so no beer. so after a while, i started drinking rum. had some crown royal which didn’t taste as good as people say. it tasted watered down to me. anyway, i got sick on that, so i couldn’t drink the captain morgans that i got after that. that stuff didn’t taste good anyway, either. so i got some wine, some australian shiraz on the advice of a friend. well, it was pretty good, just a bit strong for me (for a wine), but i got sick off that, too, so i didn’t have that for a while. ok, then i went to some parties, and my combo was beer and vodka.

the first party i did this was cool. i was gone, couldn’t walk, but i didn’t get sick. the next party, i had the same combo, but i blacked out, threw up, then passed out. i missed out on some lezbo action that night! when i woke up guys were telling me about these two chicks that were making out and how they went upstairs to have sex and everyone watched. i do remember when someone was carrying me upstairs he dude said “dude, those girls are making out.” i’m all like “aww, shit man, i wish i could turn my head to see.” (i couldn’t control my head at all at this point. this was after i puked.) so anyway, i was just laying in this chick’s bedroom all night, and i puked in her bathroom again. i felt bad. so anyway, vodka and beer was no good anymore.

but at the next party, i tried all these mixed drinks and bailys type shit. i think i had jeigermeister, too. oh, i was drinking beer, too, but it wasn’t going too well. too soon since i got sick last. so i was eating mad potato chips to cover up the taste. andyway, so i was talking to a bunch of girls at that party! it was cool. i was sitting in this recliner just getting hammered cause i was like ‘aww, man, i can’t talk to any girls.’ but, for some reason, i can’t remember why i went and sat on the sofa in the middle of all the girls. i think i was trying to get more chips or something. but anyway, so i start talking to like 5 girls total. i think they started talking to me! there was this really cute asian girl, too. but anyway, i was really drunk at this point, and my speech was slurred. so i was struggling to talk. but these two girls were eyeing me up and talking to me, but i can’t remember how that went. anyway, i don’t remember why, but they went downstairs and i ended up out on the fire escape passed out, and by the time i wake up, those chicks are gone. i was all like ‘wtf’. i can’t remember if i’ve been to a party since then. i think so, but i probably just had some beer or something.

wait, what the hell is going on? wtf am i talking about? what was the point of this post? aww, who the hell knows. it’s late. bed time for morg.


i just picked up some bacardi 8, now i know most bacardi is for teens at their moms house, b/c i did it back then. but its really got a good taste to it. just throw some ice into the mix and a lime and its some nice tasting stuff ya got there.

i have never had grey goose,but im also not a vodka man myself. call me old fashion, or white trash…but i like beer.

I enjoy single malt scotch,in my opinion the best one is The Dalmore

Whisky is my top drink. I like scotch but prefer Irish.

Jameson is good. Im drinking a 15 year old triple distilled as I type this.

My dad loves the stuff and I buy him a very good bottle for birthdays and christmas. This year I got him a bottle of limited edition 25 year old Macallans. Nice but pricey, costs about 230 dollars. Well worth the price tag though.

I prefer Jamison or JD although I also do like grey goose when I drink vodka.

As for scotch, Glenfiddich 12 year old single malt. Vodka - Ketel One. Maker’s Mark is the shit and I’m not a bourbon drinker by any means. I use it in Marinades as well but, that’s a different thread. For Rum I like the Jamaican overproof (if you can find it). Tequilla is Cuervo 1800, a little pricey but worth it. I like big red wines, Australian Shiraz-Penfold’s or Rosemount estates, Merlot & Cabernet-There are a number of good ones, Port of definitely not close to MD 20/20-Cockburn’s is really good. nd last but not least, Beer - I like Guinness, Murphy’s Stout and Newcastle. I hope I didn’t leave anything out.

Somewhere there is a guy who no doubt still has the picture he took of me passed out on a bathroom floor with my arms wrapped tightly around the base of a toilet (I’m sure I was holding on tight to make it quit moving). That was in 1976 or so, we were in the Army and had just shared two fifths of vodka and a gallon of OJ. I haven’t been able to drink vodka ever since, probably never will again.

I’ve never gotten drunk on rum cause I just can’t stand the taste and so have never drank enough. Bourbon just kills me the next day, I got tired of spending a big part of my weekend nursing a hangover so I gave it up.

Good gin like Bombay Blue Sapphire or Tanqueray is where it’s at. Tastes good, no hangover, and it seems to give me a numb woody. Lasts for hours.

And nothing will ever beat a good single malt.

Stoli vanilla vodka,Kettle One is good as well,i dont like beer

Hurricane aka. Slurricane 40.oz malt liquor-for those nights when you know you’re gonna be either fightin or uckin.

Grey Goose, Belve, Stole, in that order for vodka usually with sprite or tonic.

Jaggermeister, or Surfer on acid, for shots.

Amstel bright, Amstel light, Corona (w/lime), Heineken in that order for.

Give me the Kickin’ Chicken!!!

Liquid Cocaine:
1 part Goldschlager
1 part Jagermeister
1 part Rumple Minze
1 part Bacardi 151

Liquid Crack:
30 pack of beer (Miller Lite)
2 Gallons of Vodka
Pink Lemonade Mix
Ice Tea Mix

Green Pepper:
3 parts tabasco
1 part Midori

Long Island Ice Teas:
1 part Vodka
1 part Tequila
1 part Rum
1 part Gin
1 part Triple sec
1 1/2 part Sour mix
1 splash Coca-Cola

Car Bombs:
1 part Jameson Whiskey
1 part Baileys
1 pint of Guiness

oh shit Wideguy good call on the Jager,that is my fav shot of all times…liquid heroin is nice if you feel like getting all torn up,pretty sure its 50/50 Jager and rumple mintz

Agreed Davey.

How many people here get violent when they drink Jack? I do.

wideguy, jack for me involves blacking out, and fighting every 3rd guy i see, or at least that’s wot ppl tell me when i ask “what the hell happened last night?” the next morning

I drank the hell out of Vodka martini’s last night! Yeah, I always fight or get pist on Jack! I still love it though?

Royal Oporto goes down really well.

I was going to read, and even contribute to this thread, but I’m too hung over.