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Liquinolv Alone

Hey guys,

Looking for some insight and opinions here from you. I am not doing a cycle, have never done a cycle, and don’t plan on doing one anytime in the near future. I’m 21, been lifting seriously for about a year and doing great w/ gains… one of the strongest dudes in the gym already (tech school).

Anyway, lately like the past 3 weeks I’ve upped my amount of work done in the gym - i’m lifting 4 days a week hard and recovering with plenty of rest and sleep, improved my sleep habits and stress levels tremendously, and totally cut alcohol out of my weekend life… my numbers are increasingly steadily.

HOWEVER, i have been having some symptoms of nipple soreness and puffiness, itching, and peeling! I don’t know if it’s the beginning of natural gyno, it might be a reaction to a new deodorant which i just stopped using - there seems to be a huge improvement - I’ve also taken a couple days off with lifting now. There’s still like dry/itchy skin on the nips…

Anyways, I went ahead and bought some AG LiquiNolva. I’m wondering if anyone has any opinion on just using like 10-20mg if I get a flare-up like this again, and maybe continue using for a couple days on and off as a preventive measure.

Also, I haven’t consulted a physician… think this could just be an allergic reaction? The deodorant has caused some serious underarm irritation in the past but I seem to have developed a resistance to it. Never had this particular nipple swelling, bumps, redness and PAIN before in my life.


I doubt you had gyno; if I were you I would not have bought the LNol.

I may have been a lil paranoid. But dude, in the event that it does come back, I’ll definitely start using it. What would you recommend as a safe maintenance dosage? I understand it can help to boost T levels about 150% in healthy lifters, and if I get any more problems I could certainly justify its use by that! haha