Liquifying Arimidex for Lower Dosage - Any Potency Lost?

If i were to liquify Arimidex into a syringe and kept in refrigerator would any potency lost?

I would use regular drinking water and consume in 8 days

I am dissolve it with ACV in small glass bottle. Using insulin syringes to get my dose, put it into glass and drink it with water. Seems working well.

I no longer use Arimidex but I diluted mine in vodka for micro dosing. 10ml:1mg

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how many days are you keeping in insulin syringe?

i plan to do same

so i can drink as much as percent of syringe i need

any scientific research knowledge about this?

so it worked well for you too?

also why vodka :slight_smile:

Vodka is basically a sterile solution. It will last forever

I keep mine in 10ml glass bottle. Lasted about 10 days because i use 1mg pills at a time.
1mg pills 4ml ACV.
10 unit mark in insulin syringes = 0.025mg