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Liquidex vs Anastrozole


Does anyone know if Liquidex enters the system at full concentration much faster than Anastrozole? Then once in, is the half life the same (48-50 hours IIRC).

I am moving to Liquidex better control my dosage and daily flux of E2.



Interesting that no one has experience with this. I have been on it for the last 2 days and it is hard for me to say for sure what is happening. I am very sensitive to high E2 and when I took Liquidex I felt a positive impact pretty quickly (within a couple of hours). Being liquid, I guess that makes sense. However, I would have expected the same half life but it seems to leave my system faster also.

Anyone have any experience?


I don't know if this answers your questions, but I've been taking 6 drops of liqui-dex a day for about five months. I used it to counteract extreme swelling in my ankles from topical t, and it worked well. I kept on taking it when I stopped taking the t cream for a month or so with no problems, and am taking it still as I inject cyp, again with no more swelling.

I think I was experiencing the same bloating and water retention that females complain about, and I gotta tell you guys, estrogen sucks! This liquidex is great stuff, and I think I lost some body fat using it. Be careful! YMMV.


Thanks for the thoughts. How much test are you now injecting? Any hCG?

How did you decide on 6 drops of Liquidex? Do you know how many MG that is equivalent to?


I've just gone on 50mg cyp every four days. I was alternating between Solvay LowTyel 1% and AndroForte 5, depending on what I could get thru customs. These are both topicals, and raised my estrogen to hellacious levels and gave me Flintstone feet. DIM helped a lot, so I got the Liquidex. No question, that's the stuff.

I went off T for awhile, but stayed with 6 drops Liquidex every day. It didn't cause any achey joints or other symptoms, and I think it did some good clearing out my estrogen. Six drops are about .25mg, which is just short of twice the T-Nation protocol if taken every day. Good time for me to cut back!

Yes, I'm taking hCG. I have two current threads here for which I'm taking flak because I don't like sticking myself with needles any more than I have to. I tried injections while I was off the T, to see if I could wake up the boys, but didn't get the warm fuzzies. So now I'm taking it sublingually at double the protocol dose and I'm back on the T. If my balls start to ache and shrivel again, I'll know the SL isn't working.

YMMV! DYODD! There are some excellent papers at PubMed, and more than one other T-forum (though the big one has so many data miners gathering personal info that I refuse to participate. NoScript is your friend!) so help us fill in the gaps by reporting what you find.


Liquidex should have the same effect/half life as Adex/anastrozole as it is (in theory) the same compound. It is not something you will notice as soon as you take it, as it simply prevents the conversion of T to E2. It takes a while (several days at least) for the excess E2 to clear your system.

Some report that not all Liquidex is dosed the same. Some experimentation is probably required. I personally never felt that the "correct" dose of Liquidex (based on mg/ml) worked as well as the same dose of perscription anastrozole.

Edit: The best way to dose the stuff seems to be to get an eyedropper made for medication dispensing (one that you can control the drops well - most drug stores sell them - they typically are made of glass) and measure out a known quantity in ml, counting the number of drops. If you know the mg/ml of the solution, you can calculate the drops/mg.


I have been dosing with a syringe and just bringing the plunger up to the correct markings. It seems to be a very accurate approach. However, I am beginning to wonder if the dosing is different when I measure 1 mg of Liquidex and 1 mg of a pill. I am still experimenting, though, so it is a bit early of me to say. I was taking 1mg of anastrozole twice per week and noticed that towards the end of the previous dose, my E2 was creeping back up again. This was measured by blood work, water retention, and other things I felt.

So I got Liquidex to try and more evenly distribute the dosing. I plan to take .7mg EOD and see how that works. I'll know pretty soon if it is weaker.


I use a 1ml insulin pin to dose. Same thing I use for my hcg