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Liquidex Timing

I prob effed up a bit and wondering what to do to avoid any further issues.

Im on 500mg test a week and on my 7th week. All was well till a week ago. Making awesome gains. A week ago i slowly started to get tender nipples. Also lost my morning wood about the same time.

Freaking out a bit i took 1mg of liquidex yesterday. The next morning i got morning wood for the first time in a week so i assumed it was working. Nipples were a bit tender but not much. Today is also the day i inject.

Later today my nipples where aching worse than they ever have. I freaked again and took another 1mg. Afterwards realizing it was probably waaay too much. I know standard doses are .5 every other day or 3 days a week. My first dose was yesterday morning, this dose was tonight so about 36 hours apart.

Im also aware now some effects of dex can be within a day but others can take weeks. So i jumped the gun i know

Question 1, how long should i wait since ive already got about 2mg in my system. Half life is 3 days, so maybe wait 5 days?

And question 2, did the sudden flare up have anything to do with injecting today. And what is a good day to take the arimidex. Day before, day of injecting or doesnt matter just take 3 times a week