Liquidex Real World Numbers

I have been taking liquidex for 5 weeks my Estrodial was 74 at the start, today it was 30!

I think I may back off the Liquidex dosing to 4 drops EOD from 6. I dont want to bring my E much lower.

Still injecting Test Cyp at 1/2ml weekly, has my Test numbers at 774. High normal is 800 for my lab.

I have posted all my numbers in the over 35 forum, I thought this might be of interest here as well.

E2 in the lower 20’s [pg/ml 0-53] would be better. Take more, that is what the lab numbers are saying. Most would be starting on 1mg/wk. Your 6 drops EOD seems to be 0.7mg/wk. 1mg/wk is 30 drops per ml of the typical 1mg/ml product.