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LiquiDex & LiquiNolv


Any one have any experince with LiquiDex & LiquiNolv as a AI and PCT? Just doing some research, and looking for personal opinions, first hand, Thanks guys.


I posted about them in your other thread, they are good to go and many many people use them for AI/PCT. The steroid community is relatively small and word travels fast. If a research chem company starts sending out shitty products, word gets out quick.



"They" are not "good to go" unless you personally know his source or are him.

There are plenty of research chem places that send out plenty of shitty products and it doesn't come out for a long time. Yes, there are reputable RCs, but it seems like you just never know when they are going to start putting out crap, or you will get the odd useless arimidex or nolvadex and end up with gyno because that's all you have and you cannot get a good replacement product for 3 weeks.

OP, you need to very carefully research the company if you plan on purchasing from a typical RC. In my experience here, I can even think of one that many members of this board refused to say a bad word about while they were putting out bottle after bottle of useless, crashed, ineffective, or just outright fake crap.


Thanks, guys, yeah I have gotten good things back about them... just thought I would ask once more before I took the leap. Thanks