Liquidex Info Please

I have been on Adex for slightly over two years - 1mg per week, split between two doses. My insurance no longer covers it. I have two apparent choices, generic Adex from an offshore pharmacy or Liquidex.

The offshore generic would cost me about $175 per year. Would the liquidex cost me about $70 per year if my math is correct (assuming $40 per 30ml bottle)? I know someone here suggested .25mg every 2 or 3rd day of the liquidex, that would bring it down to slightly over $50 per year if I used it every third day.

Do those figures sound correct? Also, has anyone had any negative experiences with liquidex in terms of quality? The cost differential to me would not be the deciding factor, but if they are equally effective, I would probably go the Liquidex way due to that as well as the convenience. It also seems as though the Liquidex is easier to take more often in smaller doses. As always, thanks for your help.

Many use it in TRT and body building contexts. Skip the off-shore option.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Many use it in TRT and body building contexts. Skip the off-shore option.[/quote]

KSMan, thanks for taking the time to respond. Obviously I respect your opinion and will heed your advice. I am curious though, are you negative toward the off-shore option (Indian pharmacy) because of questionable quality or just opine that Liquidex is a better way to go.